TOPIC 2: Name someone who deserves more credit than they get. And for bonus points, how to change things so they get more

More credit than they get. This is very “New Age” for a topic and very DONE. Very 1990s. Maybe we all get as much credit as we deserve. I was automatically, knee jerking responding to the topic and had visions dancing in my head of my mum, my man, my kids and the people next door. Might as well get them tattooed in a heart on my ageing right bicep.
A bit schmaltzy for my taste this morning. That could change later in the day or later in the year as the blessings of a tranquil ageing sweeten my disposition – but not this morning at 6.31a.m.
Here I am, still endeavouring to think of the Person who Deserves More Credit than They Get and feeling my head begin to do the Exorcist Twirl as I try to find ways to send them bunches of flowers or put a photo on the Blog of the Person doing one of the things that they deserve credit for.
Maybe we could do with less credit being given in some ways. Maybe we could each do what we do, because it needs to be done and then raise the ante a little re the reward system of the 21st century. Neither over praising nor over criticising.
I shall see where the day leads my thoughts on this matter.