on the bench in bellingen outside the IGA

AND OTHER SEATS. I am rather a renowned sitter. That’s one of my major accomplishments of 2010. One of my favourite quotes ( loosely) is by Lois W re. her husband Bill W.

Bill never ran when he could walk

Walked when he could sit.

Sat when he could lie.

It’s a kind of motto for me.

I also subscribe to THE IDLER.

I have sat at windows for many years. Looking out over whichever World is before me at the time.  I have sat looking at whatever World is inside me at the time as well. In 2010, I sat outside the local Independent Grocery on a bench and showed her Town to the baby. I am also a great Bench Sitter and people tend to come up and yarn to me.

hear no evil see no evil speak no evil 


Benches, Seats, Chairs and other Yaaning Places.

A bench is a piece of furniture, on which several people may sit at the same time. Benches are typically made of wood, but may also be made of metal, stone, or synthetic materials. Many benches have arm and back rests; some have no back rest and can be sat on from either side. …

Benches, Seats, Chairs and other Yaaning Places 2010 Illustrated.


Lorikeets on a metal bench at the WORKERS’ COTTAGE in Raleigh N.S.W.

The stretcher bench. Been a lot of Yaaning with my daughter, Kati B, in 2010.


The breakfast Yaaning table at the Cottage. Sitting on wooden chairs every morning with Izzy Foreal. 

Suitable also for visiting Commodores to have a Yaan.

VISITORS GUIDE AT REPTON Christmastime down at Nambucca Heads

There is a bench inside this shelter. Its up on Perry’s Hill at Repton. There is a bench. And a view. But absolutely no GUIDE at all. Good Luck, Visitors.

I haven’t sat on this bench at Nambucca Heads but it looks good.

nambucca on trove

028 165

A bench in URUNGA outside the bakery and newsagent. Pretty humble for a bench.  Nevertheless – a bench is still a bench.

The versatile stretcher bench being used by 2 people. Magby and Casey giggle more than yaan. Benches are sometimes laughing places.

172 009 - Copy

Its possible to accommodate 3 person on the S.B. That allows for intimate conversation and more complex Yaaning.

The yellow click clack lounge is more of a bench than a lounge. I bought it in Ulmarra at the Rathgar Opshop. Trouble is, noone seems to sit on it.

035 124

The NORTH BEACH  bench overlooking the River swimming pool.

Tucked away in the brick building on the left of the pic are the benches and tables used for picnics in wet weather and when the sun is too bright. That’s North Beach again. The benches are all pretty old but they work.

Seems to me now  that my great accomplishment for 2010 is clearly the art of the Bench. The arthritis in the knees was the motivating factor. It eliminated the rug on ground, the sprawled on grass and many other Yaaning and resting options and brought the bench seriously into focus in my Vision of Life.

Then, having discovered the Bench, I have been introduced to the

  • casual conversation
  • deep silent intimacy with unknown persons
  • deep verbal intimacy with people I will most likely not encounter again and have never encountered before
  • passing parades and fleeting thoughts
  • and a place to rest before I fall down whilst holding The Baby.

In addition, I am now seeing the Bench as an art form and an offline facebook.

028 031

Once again, North Beach ( also known as Mylestom after Tom Myles ), features a traditional bench. The bench at the Pool. Seems to me there is a hierarchy in bench rights as well. Age counts. The fishing bench incorporates the practical with the the restful.

A slatted bench in Urunga.

004 018

A sloping bench for the lorikeets.

2011 – ON THE BENCH.

In Yiddish, to bench means to bless, from Latin benedīcere. In Jewish-English it refers to any of a number of blessings given or recited, among them.

Topic 3: Best accomplishment of 2010?

Morning All. Bagels and white tea for breakfast. 24.6 degrees Celsius at 8.17 am daylight savings time on the North Coast of NSW. And I am sitting here on the bench considering this morning’s topic.
Last year one of the local men was found unconscious and beaten near his car on a back road of our small town. He spent 17 weeks or so in hospital and things looked very grim. Now he is home. Brain injuries and residual damage but a good deal better than he was expected to be. I mention him because he is one of my introductions to blogging and internet presence. Look for Wilson’s Almanac. He is back online and astute as ever.

As for me, sitting here, looking to the East and pondering 2010. I have a couple of feedbacks from other people.

Mary Peters: your greatest accomplishment in my opinion is that you have come back home to us all here. We missed you!


You are intimidatingly interesting! Thanks for sharing all of it. With love, Bad Grandma” (Ellen Derek – Boston. U.S.A.)

This morning is clouded and humid – sub tropical in nature and I am home again in my own Valley. I don’t know yet which will be my greatest accomplishment of 2010 but there were a few. I have a Baby in my life and a new home. I have stayed with a man for another year , not used drugs or drunk grog ( 23 years now ), Haven’t smoked cigarettes. I have become close to my Sister again.

And I have become QUIET. For a time at least. QUIET.