Topic 3: Best accomplishment of 2010?

Morning All. Bagels and white tea for breakfast. 24.6 degrees Celsius at 8.17 am daylight savings time on the North Coast of NSW. And I am sitting here on the bench considering this morning’s topic.
Last year one of the local men was found unconscious and beaten near his car on a back road of our small town. He spent 17 weeks or so in hospital and things looked very grim. Now he is home. Brain injuries and residual damage but a good deal better than he was expected to be. I mention him because he is one of my introductions to blogging and internet presence. Look for Wilson’s Almanac. He is back online and astute as ever.

As for me, sitting here, looking to the East and pondering 2010. I have a couple of feedbacks from other people.

Mary Peters: your greatest accomplishment in my opinion is that you have come back home to us all here. We missed you!


You are intimidatingly interesting! Thanks for sharing all of it. With love, Bad Grandma” (Ellen Derek – Boston. U.S.A.)

This morning is clouded and humid – sub tropical in nature and I am home again in my own Valley. I don’t know yet which will be my greatest accomplishment of 2010 but there were a few. I have a Baby in my life and a new home. I have stayed with a man for another year , not used drugs or drunk grog ( 23 years now ), Haven’t smoked cigarettes. I have become close to my Sister again.

And I have become QUIET. For a time at least. QUIET.

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