Day 07: Vacation Hiatus.

Over at DANA CREATIVE, they’re having a a 3 day VACATION HIATUS while they take a cruise. I think that’s what they’re up to. If they came here they could take a cruise in the front paddock.

I shall therefore look at 3 of my own vacations.

DAY 1 it is.  The vacation which comes to mind is actually a number of them. Annually, pretty much, as children. We lived in Sydney in a brick house in the suburbs and came North to URUNGA most years in late December and into early January.

I don’t want to be writing about this or anything but I am going to do so. Back then I brought my City senses with me with all their restrictions and limitations. Then I would be here, where I now live, with grapevines twisting round outdoor toilets and the rivers and ocean just over the way. Virtually sub-tropical it was and is and I loved it. Skin browned. Hair sandy and bleached. Mozzies biting and feet hardening from walking barefooted on sand and burning tar roads.

They grew a lot of corn back then. Paddocks and paddocks of it. Sweet corn. Loved it as much as I love the sugar cane fields now. And round the back road was YELLOW ROCK. Still one of my favourite places. A narrow twisting road with cattle grids, river on one side and paddocks on the other. About half way along is the Yellow Rock reaching out into the back stream. We fished and caught crabs and swam.

Almost every year.

Topic 7: Share a story about a memorable job interview.

Tony and Lynne at the WHITE ROSE TRADING COMPANY in 1973.

I have only been for 2 job interviews. Ever. IN 61 years. Well, maybe 3 if you count the shop at Bondi Beach.  I went to Teachers’ College when I left school and then into a bonded teaching position in  a small bush town in the Snowy Mountains. No interview required. After a few years, I dropped out into the world of the Freaks ( meat eating hippies with a slightly tougher edge) and that didn’t require an interview either. I became a 2nd hand Dealer and that did require a brief police interview – in which I was described as “ of sallow complexion”. That turned me off interviews pretty much.

After a dodgy decade or two of unemployment and unemployability, I re-emerged from the wastelands to find the world curiously altered and the Job Interview well established in the Australian Culture. That left me in  a pickle because the Half Way House  for Recovering Drug Addicts, which was the only place offering me warmth and succour, had a requirement that you be EMPLOYED which meant finding myself a JOB after 20 years or so.

I have promised myself to focus on the Topic which specifies A  memorable Job Interview. Just the one. I had intended to do either the 1990 teaching one which returned me to my profession (the one in which I was told to look at the interviewer and say to myself –“ If you think that person has the power to give you that job, THEY DO. If you believe God has the power to give you that job, then HE DOES” )  or the ARMIDALE YOUTH REFUGE one which is more in the category of ‘difficult to erase from the memory’ rather than memorable. 

beach balletI have, however, chosen the BONDI SHOP one, the one which I wasn’t counting at all. My mate Roger recommended it to me. He drove a wee van and delivered towels, traded in them. ( He also drove a Jag and a red Jensen, the towel trade being rather more profitable than it looked) A friend of his by the name of Sue C, owned BLUE HORIZONS down in  Hall Street on the Beach and I was up on the Hill in Hastings Parade at the Half Way House for  Wayward Boys and Girls. BLUE HORIZONS sold SOUVENIRS and BEACHWEAR. ROGER WHITE and his little van.

Beachwear and Souvenirs hadn’t featured greatly in the preceding era of my life and played a very small role in getting me into the mess I was in but they were to play a significant, subtle role in bringing me out of it.  Rog lined up an Interview for me and down I went to the shop near the Beach, mumbling strange prayers and imprecations as I went. The Interview was brief and held in the middle of the little shop of treasures.

“ How long have you been in retail ?”


“What do you know about Shops ?”

“ Not much. “

Next thing I am an employed woman. Floating on air. $5 an hour. Amongst all the pretty things and holidaymakers.