One variety of Bench which was once extremely popular but is less often seen now, is the BOOTH BENCH, as seen in milk bars esp in Australian Country towns.

This one is a little on the small side and low backed, thereby not allowing the privacy adolescence requires but nonetheless as a retro booth bench, it is not bad at all.

Day 14: Someone who has made your life worth living.

Here we go. The disciplined post. Not fond of discipline. Lets follow the leader then. 250 words minimum and just ONE person not the whole batch. I would like to venture into the Cloud of Unknowing here. I have stood on at least one occasion with every person in my life removed from it as well as my wits. The people I thought made my life worth living. Then I was struck by the awareness that in the end there is me and God. That’s it.

From that point onwards, it became possible for me to live because I make my life worth living and until I had that in place, there was something askew with me and the Loved Ones. No other person can make my life not worth living and No Other Person can make my life worth living.

Once having established that, I was able to bake the entire cake of ME and then put on the icing of other people, the ones who warm me, The ones I love dearly. The ones who add colour and flavour and delight.

So, the someone is ME. Sounds selfish but I heard the message from Gorski – first me and then the chance of the other.

It was me who needed to learn HOW to love, how to say yes and no. How to find the elements of life which are of value to me. I had grand teachers. One day, my old mate Roger who is gone now, sat me down and softly brushed my hair. Another day came when my children were in my care once more and I knew from that first day, to sit down with them and softly brush their hair.

Topic 14 : Why did you start?

Topic: Why did you start?

Topic #14:

Here’s today’s topic idea:

What made you decide to start a blog? If you’ve blogged about this before, go back and read it. Is that still the reason? What’s changed?

NY The Australian Women's Weekly , Wednesday 2 January 1952 2

I’ve written and typed for as long as I can remember. Way back as a little girl. Journalled and studied and gathered information. I have always walked around with a camera in my hand. Not the professional type writer. Not the professional type photographer. I think I was created for the Blogging era.

Once I had boxes of journals written in my illegible handwriting and  and heavy to cart on my numerous housemoves. Now I Have my most valued possessions in the Ether and in wee little Elements hard drives.  Paradise.

Once I sat at windows scribbling or typing about what was happening. Now I do that and it reaches all over the world. Simple little things.

I have had several reasons for starting Blogs.  This one I started, of course, at the prompting of WordPress who laid down the gauntlet of a post a day in 2011. Others I have started :

  • I started one because I was living alone as I so often have, and going to a Blues Club in Bilambil on Thursday nights. When I came home to an empty cottage, I published pics and tales of the evening under the name of Billy. Eventually that led me to Izzy who responded to the forum for musos.
  • writing stories for my grandchildren with pictures.
  • displaying my truly astonishing collection of animated GIFS.
  • researching Australian Colonial History for Peter Knox BCA WITH HONOUR MA WITH HONOURS.
  • researching my family history
  • making video blog for my sister
  • sending baby photos and other family news
  • talking about the area I live in – with images
  • putting together my father’s army history
  • making a calendar for each day of the year with quotes and poems
  • one is a blog of recovering quotes and other memorable quotations with pics. I like digging into the bowels of the internet for obscure findings. Internet Archive and the Australian TROVE are little rippers.
  • One is echoing a fellow bloggers one post a day.
  • A couple of them are to do with IZZY FOREAL’s music.
  • and one of my favourites is my photoblog. Shows life here on the North Coast of NSW and other places I visit or live in.
  • I do blogs because they are a sensual pleasure and delight to me. I like all the intricacies of themes and layout and networking etc.
  • Another one sprang from a fight to save our local hospital.
  • Blogging is SO good for older people or people who suffer from isolation or illness. Me included.
  • I also like the sharing of resources and the gems I find.

And my blogs change and the blogs change me.

wwswf The Australian Women's Weekly , Wednesday 1 May 1968