Day 15: A band/musical artist whose music impacted your life.

Ha. Here we go ! First one I might find enough words for easily. I have not ever been a band or music follower but once I started blogging in my late 50s, that changed. I took to going down to a wee Blues Club in the Valley where I lived. Thursday Nights that was. Bilambil.

When I went home of an evening, I posted photos and an anonymous blog about the evening’s events. After a bit, one of the Musos, IZZY FOREAL, began to respond and fill out the band and musical details for me. I was writing as BILLY BLUE , masculine in identity, so it took a while before the friendship developed into something more than online chat.

I began to listen to some of the music, take a lot of photographs on my trusty Kodak, chat with the musicians and learn such terms as – gigs and punters.

Izzy played kazoo which I found a little disconcerting. He also played bass guitar which impressed me even though I had previously not know what a bass guitar was. Or a lead or a rhythm.

Izzy also had , and has, a good deep voice. I like that and very long hair. Not as long as mine but not bad. Not as thick as mine either.

Outcome has been that in my late 50s and early 60s I live with a musician, have half the house occupied with musical equipment, have lugged amps and things from vans and helped set up on pavements and in pubs, entered the world of the rock musician with all its lunacy and charm and sometimes stay up fare later than my own children and drive through the nights to odd places at odd hours.

And sometimes he plays and sings for me. John Sebastian  – LOVIN YOU.

if you are wondering

what I’m going to do

when you are sleeping

am I sleeping too

I’d be out there finding you

walking on the avenues

loving you

I’m just sitting back sitting here

lovin’ you

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