Day 24: Discuss a spontaneous moment in your life that turned out to be fantastic.

In 2001, someone said to me; “ Best you come with me to the Tweed. “ And I did it. That’s not usual for me.  Just a 2 hour trip South this week has had me tense and fretting for days.

IN 2001, off I went to Tweed. Took off on the afternoon train with a very drunken man. My Mum saw us off and it was the last time I was to see her alive which still tears my heart out. I would rather not  do it quite the same way again but it took me to Tumbulgum, a village which I would later discover had been the original home of my Bell family in the 1800s. It led me to Bilambil and a life of elegance and decency high on a tropical hill.

I heard Big Mark say once that God rules straight lines with a crooked ruler. Out of this spontaneous moment of deciding to follow someone to the Tweed, I was introduced to a strong Fellowship of Peers and to music at the Blues Club which led me to Izzy and to the City of Brisbane which I loved.  It also took me to the City Cats and the University of Queensland campus at St Lucia.

One moment of saying YES where I would normally say NO. It took me into the fields of sugar cane and cane fires at night. To living in a street called Boundary Street which was in NSW on one side and Queensland on the other side. When daylight savings was on in one state and not the other, then there was an hour’s time difference just in crossing the street.

Over the road to get milk took me back one hour and coming back …….. well almost time travel it was. Almost Time Travel.


Meanwhile, back to yesterday’s topic about FRIENDS. Old Fred was known to say that at one time in his life he looked for a lot of love in ONE place – but he had learned to look for  little bits of love in LOTS of places and that it added up to the same amount.

When it comes to Friendship, I incline to that. One dimension of friendship could be simply a smiley on a Facebook page from someone I haven’t met in flesh and another could be as big as providing a home or paying car registration or leaving a hamper of food on a doorstep. Friendship for me wears many disguises and comes in many forms.

That includes what can at times look harsh. The withdrawal of props that might not be truly benefiting the other person. A word spoken which Fear would prefer I didn’t speak.

I have become a little more able to be the Friend that I, specifically, am meant to be. To do the job I am meant to do not the one I think I ought to do or be.

I have been rattled this week in an endeavour to be the Friend which doesn’t fit my nature, skills or the needs of the other person. I will be watching this in myself this week.

Topic #25 : What is your favorite sound ?

IZZYAGEDTopic #25:  Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by

What is your favorite sound?

Bonus topic: Since we did the sound of your own laugh recently, here’s a bonus – what is a sound you’ve never heard, that you hope to hear someday?

Kookaburras. And black cockatoos and the endless deep silence of life in the country. I like the moment between beats that I read about and baby’s voice at the other end of the phone.

I do not have a favourite sound. I have many. The sound of my young adult children laughing with one another. The horses in our front paddock when its dark. The possum thudding onto the rail where the birds are fed.  Today I go travelling by Greyhound Coach. I’ve not been on Greyhound before so we will add the noise of Greyhound Travel to the bonus topic. Just a short 2 hour trip. I have a bag to pack and things to organise in my head but first I shall sit a moment and think some more about the SOUNDS. Might do a pictorial wander.

I like the sound of the XPT trains down a 1/2 kilometre or so from here with the ever mournful horn blowing as it comes to Yellow Rock Road level crossing and back here near the sea, when the conditions are right, I can hear the ocean again.

ClassicFM on the radio. With Emma Ayres for breakfast.

032 167

And I would like to hear Magby  and Rose’s voices, close at hand and filled with laughter and the small daily doings of young lives.  I should like to hear my man with a band of his own again and the whisper of stars.