Day 25: Discuss something you planned that ended up not being what you expected.

This is a funny one. Life turned out not being what I expected. Then again, I didn’t really plan it. Pratchett speaks a good bit about – I thought it would be different.
Bringing that back to one thing I planned, I shall go for the Coach Trip down here to Port Macquarie. I do a goodly bit of public transport travelling. I like it despite its malodorous dimensions. This time I was actually a little nervous due to the last bus trip. One trip I was familiar with was the KEAN’S COACHES to Armidale, up the Dorrigo Mountain. I liked KEANS COACHES – their motto was “we are Kean to have you travel with us “. A welcoming greeting I found it to be. $16 for 2 hours with a stopover in Dorrigo.
The $16 proved too little and Keans vanished so that my last trip to Armidale was $50 on the BY BUS which was small, very small with an attached trailer for our luggage and no on board movie. After hurtling through the night at a rapid rate in a bus not much bigger than the Starwagon, I was a little wary about Coach travel.
This time I took Greyhound for the 2 hours down the Highway to Port. My planning was that of a nervous woman prepared in holiday season to be squashed in.
Turned out to be plenty of room, comfortable seat, Snow Dogs the movie showing from Nambucca on and beautiful young people scattered throughout the bus. Pretty good all round. Did not expect that.

One word to the Wise- don’t underestimate the StoryTeller.


I am away from home and computer and making use of my sister’s so I am posting direct instead of through Windows Live which is my preference.
I think the topic for today is about the Perfect Sunday.
I’m getting mine into shape now after app one year in the Workers’ Cottage. I start the day with a bagel and white tea at the round table on my verandah. Izzy goes off to his Sailing on the Bellinger River and I go to the Meeting in Raleigh Hall. The rest of the day – well I like to put in a swim and/or a drive and I take photographs. Sleep in the afternoon. Siesta and maybe pizza from the North Beach Bowling Club. Further simplifcation is coming.
One word to the Wise- don’t underestimate the StoryTeller.