Day 27: What is your vocation (why are you here on earth)?

Ha ! Back in middle earth again. Only a few more days of Dana’s Challenge then I shall venture out into other realms in a hope that there is some challenge which attracts me.

I have no idea why I am here on Earth but I have a couple of hundred more words to write in this post. This is like being back at school attempting to channel some kind of a correct response.

I ma sitting in a house looking out to sea. Somewhere to my right is a lighthouse. I can’t see it but I know that its there. Rather fond of lighthouses, so I am. This one is squat and white. They should be white. It overlooks a beach where people take camel rides.

I don’t think those two things are part part of my vocation on earth, but they might be. I do like lighthouses as I said and I really like the image of the CAMEL. I like Midnight at the Oasis.

I have thongs on as well. I don’t think they’re part of my vocation but they might be. I have never been a thong wearer – Aussie icons though they may be. I have only taken to wearing them since Christmas Day 2009 when I bought a pair from a service station  at Halfway Creek.  Halfway between Coffs and Grafton. That could well be part of my vocation.  Halfway to someplace.

I am very silent. Very inert. Very eremite.

Why on earth am I here ?


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