Day 28: What is your biggest dream in life (what one great thing do you want to accomplish)?

Now for the 250 words. I have had the blessing of finding some blogging ideas which appeal to me this morning. Whew ! I also have some Steampunk studies going on and an idea for LETTERS IN THE SAND so despair is a little further from me than it has been re the blog challenges.

Here come the competitive superlatives again. BIGGEST. I don’t have BIGGEST. Most. Worst. Best. Etc.

What dreams do I have nowadays I wonder?  Hmmm. I have thing to write about which are not mine to write about just yet.  A mellowed ability to live at peace within the day appeals to me. A greater courage than I seem to have so far. Dreams of ……… elusive shadowy things.

Steadfastness perhaps and clear sanity. A de-confused way of thinking would be a fine thing for me.

It’s a cooler cloudy day here with an edge of cloud and rain. Those things awaken fear in us out here in Australia this year ( and for the last few years) but I think today is only a small clouded affair.

I dream of Rivers and paddling about in Boats like Ratty in Wind in the Willows. Very fond of Rivers, I am. That’s one reason I live an Estuarine Life. One thing which I would like to accomplish is a decreased agitation and an observation of the River.

A doctor down in Maroubra once told me that he had promised himself a gentle life. He was going to watch the tides go out – and come in.

There’s a dream for you.

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