I have a collection of bench pictures from this trip to Port Macquarie. Seems a while to me since I have sat on one of my benches, yaaning and thinking but I am getting some interesting ideas for next time I am free to sit and free to yaan.

I just had a week in Port Mac. Last night, I went for dinner down at Flynn’s Beach. Just across the street from the Pizza and Pasta Shop where I had a mean on order, was this bench. That’s on the beach side of Flynn’s. It was at the Bus Stop and faced away from the road and away from the Buses and it stared directly into an embankment. Why ?

It was a stunner of a bench anyways with its pebblecote side and freshly painted seat and back.

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Another Port Macquarie bus bench. Under an hexagonal structure. Odd choices they make for their Buses in Port Mac.

This is another Flynn’s Beach Bus Stop. I didn’t see many with anyone sitting on them.


The Word Target from MAX.

What: You don’t let yourself leave the keyboard each day until you’ve hit 2,000 words.



Right then. Having let myself in for this one, best not back off now. With the DANA  challenge nearing its end and my starting this one 2 days earlier due to the shortness of February, I shall settle into the size and shape of it. First thing I am doing is cutting the  number of words back to the 250 I have become accustomed to because this is blogging and not novel writing and I shall add another 50 and round it off at 300 words before I leave the computer.

Second thing I am doing is locating myself within my evening. Heard a noise before. Out the back. We went looking to see what it was and it turned out to be an OWL. A very big owl. Its flown off into one of out trees and I haven’t found what it was doing in our laundry area. It sure is beautiful. I read a book once called “I heard the owl call my name”. This owl has been around for a couple of months.

I don’t know what calls I am hearing in this owl hooting year. I do some cussing and some weeping and lots of the time I am cold and emotionally wandering. Today, I am looking for a place to stay in Port Macquarie. A cheap place for a night or two for my children and my grandchildren – and me.

I almost took a back road today from a ferry in Port Mac. The road called Maria River to Crescent Head but changed my mind. 37kms of dirt just didn’t appeal to me today. Brought back memories of the Old Tenterfield Road.  Aha!

Day 29: What WAS your biggest dream in life (you wanted to do as a kid but no longer can)?

Welcome to you, the 250 word challenge of the day. The lawns are mown and I am home after visiting with my sister. Took 2 rides on ferries today across the Hastings River in Port Macquarie and that brings to mind the Dream held by my cousin , Keith, and me.  We wanted to be Ferrymen on Sydney Harbour.

We lived in the Western Suburbs away from the Harbour. There was a canal running through my street. Paxton Avenue, Belmore. No 27. Not a canal that took boats or barges. A concrete canal, usually waterless except if they opened the floodgates at Warragamba Dam.  The Harbour was about a 45 minute train ride away. Sydney Harbour with green and yellow Sydney Ferries. Not very yellow but definitely green.

Once we took a big ferry right out through the Heads and up to Broken Bay. That was back in the 1960s when people had vision of grand schemes. We rode on it as passengers and the sea surged and flowed. It was Grand. We took ferried from Circular Quay to Manly and once to Bundeena. We were allowed to steer the Bundeena Ferry for a little part of the trip.

I have had dealings with ferries from time to time since “greater” aspirations interfered with the Original Dream but seems to me that being a Ferry Master is something I can no longer do.

Nonetheless, the thrill remains. Soon as I hear the cable crank and see the inexorable movement across the river of a car ferry, the yearning returns. Or stand waiting on a wharf to board as foot passenger.

Brisbane was a fine place to ride before the 2011 floods washed it all away. Ulmarra was a fine place to cross the Clarence River before the 2009 floods raised the sandbank and restricted the operations to high tide. I crossed on the Ulmarra Ferry once with an 8 year old girl playing violin as we crunched our way from one bank to the other.

Hear tell the Ulmarra Ferryman dropped dead halfway across the river. Just last year that was.

Topic #30 Here’s today’s topic, brought to you by Plinky.com: What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?



Starting off with images of things which are NOT driving me nuts. I do like a FERRY.  A car ferry. I like the crossing back and forth. The cables tied either side. This is the second ferry at Port Macquarie.

Its $3 each way in Port Macquarie and you pay before you get to the other side. 75 cents for local residents. You do, in fact, have to pay before you get on. Not the Styx option here.



Melinda Kendall.

A wasted life! This sad refrain

Comes surging through my ears again;

There’s no escape from thee, though fiend;

Thou art borne to me on every wind –

A wasted life! A wasted life!

By day or night, no peace for me;

Still, still before me I can see

The fragments of the dear dead past,

Which I (Oh! fool) from me have cast –

A wasted life! A wasted life!

I’ve tried to drown in lethean drain

This ruthless voice; but all in vain;

It comes with ten-fold force again,

And brings remorse to swell and strain –

A wasted life! A wasted life!

From out this deep dark Stygian sea,

While vainly struggling to be free,

I look above, and pray that I

No more may hear that awful cry –

A wasted life! A wasted life!

(Illawarra Mercury, April 8, 1884)

There’s a lot in a Ferryman’s song.










I suppose that about sums up everything that is driving me nuts in my life at the moment.

And now with my own calculations operative on when I can begin the new challenge I have found – I can begin it today and overlap with the DANA challenge for 2 days.

This post I finish with more images of the Ferry.

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