The Word Target from MAX.

What: You don’t let yourself leave the keyboard each day until you’ve hit 2,000 words.


Right then. Having let myself in for this one, best not back off now. With the DANA  challenge nearing its end and my starting this one 2 days earlier due to the shortness of February, I shall settle into the size and shape of it. First thing I am doing is cutting the  number of words back to the 250 I have become accustomed to because this is blogging and not novel writing and I shall add another 50 and round it off at 300 words before I leave the computer.

Second thing I am doing is locating myself within my evening. Heard a noise before. Out the back. We went looking to see what it was and it turned out to be an OWL. A very big owl. Its flown off into one of out trees and I haven’t found what it was doing in our laundry area. It sure is beautiful. I read a book once called “I heard the owl call my name”. This owl has been around for a couple of months.

I don’t know what calls I am hearing in this owl hooting year. I do some cussing and some weeping and lots of the time I am cold and emotionally wandering. Today, I am looking for a place to stay in Port Macquarie. A cheap place for a night or two for my children and my grandchildren – and me.

I almost took a back road today from a ferry in Port Mac. The road called Maria River to Crescent Head but changed my mind. 37kms of dirt just didn’t appeal to me today. Brought back memories of the Old Tenterfield Road.  Aha!

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