FEBRUARY 13 2011 : Topic 43 : There is a huge gap in understanding between the nomads and the settlers of this world.





What: You abandon the story you’re working on, even though you know it’s brilliant and the idea is perfect but GODDAMN it is driving you insane for some reason.


Well, that finishes the first round of the Max Barry writing experiment.  At least it will when I do today’s. It’s a fine blog is Max Barry’s. I tripped over him when looking for some Aussie input. My 2011 blog per day activity has had a couple of restarts and that’s still happening. I thought the Gem Collection might work for me because I spent many hours gathering the proverbs, quotations and poetry for it and came close to getting the whole year lined up ready to be posted daily until WordPress reduced the number of posts allowed to 100.

What has happened is that even the Gem Collection topics aren’t quite hitting the spot for me. They are however, more enjoyable for me than the WordPress Plinky combo. I continue to refine what I am doing. That means going on with Gem Collection till the end of February and another round of Max Barry.

Right then, back to the Topic : There is a huge gap in understanding between the nomads and the settlers of this world.  The quote came from Gillian Bouras in Eureka Street.  It took my fancy because I have wondered over the last few years about my own life. I have spent my entire life on the East Coast of Australia, but I WANDER. I set up house, stay a while and then move. Sometimes only a small distance. Following some invisible calling which I can’t explain.

I rather expected that by this age I would be more ‘settled’ – but I’m not. Guess there’s a huge gap of understanding between various types of people. I know there is one between Gardeners and Non Gardeners, Cooks and NonCooks, Computer freaks and non computer freaks. I am usually the apparent NON. Its managed to keep my self esteem in the gutter for long periods.

SWAGThe Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912-1954), Saturday 11 November 1950 SWAGThe Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912-1954), Saturday 4 August 1951,

The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912-1954), Saturday 11 November 1950.
Original drawing by Brian Bolland (12)


The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912-1954), Saturday 4 August 1951,


OK. That gobbledegook is a good reason for the RESTART.  Lets mentally skid that whole muddle and go back to Topic : There is a huge gap in understanding between the nomads and the settlers of this world.  GILLIAN BOURAS

I lived in one home till I was 20 years old. A double brick house in a suburb of Sydney. Then I went bush to teach school and began the roaming. In the 40 years since then I have lived up and down the East Coast of Australia, mostly in NSW and for most of the time on the Northern Rivers or in Sydney. Time and again, I have thought I had come in for a landing and would stay put but every time, after a bit, I hear the siren call of the next place and I move along.

The Settlers don’t understand that. I know they don’t. I see it in their eyes. I see it in the same way that I see the inability to understand why I don’t cook or garden or sew and generally don’t form an enduring relationship with a partner. 

Some siren song line calls to me and I am off while the others stay. I have thought myself faulty to go on roaming. I have thought myself flawed to be unable to create and maintain a long term home. Just lately I have begun to accept it. Doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore.

I have had two dreams in years gone by which seemed to explain it to me – a little. In one I was cast out from a village someplace on the English moors and was a witch wandering in black cloak and wild haired. I had a little cottage and people came to me for healing and wisdom but I wasn’t truly one of them.

Second dream I was here in the rainforests of the Rivers. Wandering again. Cast out again. Naked and barefooted and in the same role on the edge of village life as in the first dream.

SUNDOWNERSINSERTSo now I live in a cottage on the edge of a village. I do OK so long as I don’t try to “fit” with the Settlers. I don’t envy them so much anymore as I once did because they have some pretty tough calls as well as the good things I envied. It would be clearer to me if I lived in caravans or tents, or boarding houses. I actually stop and make a home and live as if I intend staying there. Stayed in one place 5-6 years. Sometimes I simply move house to house in one town. One of the things I like about the Net and Facebook and blogs, is finding out that there are others like me. Rather a lot of us too. I don’t know what we are. I don’t quite know what the motivating factors for the Moving are. I do think there is a barely visible , barely poor class of Us. We don’t quite make it in today’s world. We don’t manage to BUY a place to live. We are caught short in the rent or the power and – we move along.

Week before last, I watched Sundowners with my Sister.











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7 little aust The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982), Wednesday 19 September 1973 2


Farewelling the family as it heads for Yarrahapannini. My early relatives lived there in Unkya and abouts.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA 1931-1954), Saturday 14 July 1934,

This article sounds like the most logical explanation of my Rovings and Roamings.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931-1954), Saturday 14 July 1934,

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA 1931-1954), Saturday 14 July 1934,2