MARCH 31 2011: Day no 90 of 2011 : And being home, memory becomes a passion. A.D. Hope.


Hurrell Sisters

Memory becomes a passion.  Its 3.34pm now. I have been out for lunch with a young friend. At her house in the trees. Its made of stone and timbers. Lets sit down now on the Bench and have a Yaan about being Home again and the passion for memory that has come with that.

The ladies above are the HURRELL SISTERS. The one down the front on our left, well that’s Lucy Jane, my father’s grandmother. They are not in my conscious memory. They lived a bit south of here on the Macleay River.

Map picture

There is a storm rumbling around. It seems to be coming up from the South. I’m going to mind the stone and timber house for a few weeks. And a very large dog. When I decided to come home to the Bellingen Shire last year. I knew there was a baby coming but I didn’t know there was a sister leaving.

A year into being Home and Memories are with me. I remember a lot of storms. The wild ones of 1974 and the ones that ripped along the SOUTH ARM ROAD in 1995. The memory coming to mind is of Uncle Jim and the big eagle in Laurieton. I don’t know why it’s a vision that sticks with me and I don’t know the details and I am not even quite sure who Uncle Jim was but I was mightily impressed with the eagle with the huge wing span. When I went north to the Tweed the raptors were one of the captivating things for me. I liked the sugar cane and the cane fires and the river.

The News just came on TV and they say that petrol  could hit $2 a litre. That would be a bummer. In the 1970s – I used to say ‘ fill er up’ and they would do so for $2.

One of my intentions for 2011 is to do some more remembering. Passion is absorbed somewhat in grief at the moment but I shall initiate the re-membering anyhows. One reason for doing that is to assimilate my 6 decades and not become stuck into the land of Useter Be. I rather fancy moving through the rest of this decade with a bit of a sashay. Maybe not a sashay.  I just looked at the sashay videos and its not quite what I have planned for the rest of this year. Perhaps a cake walk or a Pride of Erin or something more Australian. Let me take another look and Grandma and the Aunts and see how they might have moved when wearing the world lightly.  They don’t actually look like they would wear the world too lightly but they might well have danced the Pride of Erin. I was taught it at school in the 1960s in N.S.W.

I think I would prefer to move something like this :

I am fairly sure I have not one chance at all of moving like these exquisite movers but the essence of how I wish to move on is someplace in the Bangarra legacy.

But those days are passed as well. I have a vision. A standing one legged in the shallows with a fishing line in hand and little fish swimming about. Don’t want to catch anything.


MARCH 30 2011: Non sum pisces. I am not a fish.


Second last day of March 2011. Here we go. I need a new blogging plan for the month of April.  What better way to finish the month than with a quotation which says ‘ I AM NOT A FISH ! “

I could perhaps stay with the theme of the GEM COLLECTION for one more month despite finding it difficult during March. Originally, I named this site with the concept of sitting down on a Bench and having a Yaan with you. In the Mayhem that has been 2011 so far, that idea has become a little lost. I could, therefore, for the month of April, sit down on my Electronic Bench each day, pick up my Gem Collection Calendar and have the Yaans I had planned to do. Without worrying about statistics or writing styles.


Seems such an ideal month closer. Says it all really. I AM NOT  A FISH. I do have some mermaid pictures which I like and I am going swimming in an hour or so with my Girls. 1amermaidcolor002b

So, I sit down and do some Yaaning. I almost said ‘ thinking’ but the bench is not about thinking so much as about Yaaning without thinking too much. Maybe April will be a freer month.

There’s a Peewee on the front lawn. Its not a Fish either. I have always liked fishing. Its in the Blood. I once hugged a  barracoota way up in North Queensland on the decks of UTIEKAH III. Mostly I fished the estuaries. That’s my preference. I HAVE fished Lake Eucumbene down in the Snoweys. I was wearing knickerbockers in vivid colours at the time.

One of my plans for 2011 is to head down to Nambucca Heads and eat at the YAANING TREE.

Where we are going swimming today, down at NORTH BEACH RIVER POOL, there are plenty of fish. Toe nibbling fish. The pool is netted due to being in the river and therefore a possible shark attack venue. Inside the net, are the fishes and the prawns and other critters.


A good bit of yaaning, yarning, jaaning goes on in Australia.




EYLF Yarning Circle

Yarloop Yarning Journal


MARCH 29 2011: Day no 88 of 2011 : Live in rooms full of light.


Live in rooms full of light
Avoid heavy food
Be moderate in the drinking of wine
Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics
Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water
Change surroundings and take long journeys
Strictly avoid frightening ideas
Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements
Listen to music.
A. Cornelius Celsus

Live in rooms full of light


I generally do. The Cottage has windows in EVERY room. Big ones looking out onto paddocks and the sky and trees.

I am now considering another Cottage on a Hill. With rooms full of light.

Avoid heavy food

I am eating one of the last of Summer’s peaches now. I don’t eat meat at this time of my life and I do eat a lot of fruit.

Be moderate in the drinking of wine

I do not in fact drink wine at all, nor any other form of alcohol due to my complete inability to be moderate in doing so.

Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics

Now and then, I receive a massage from the man in my life. I don’t have a bath tub and I miss that. I do have a swimming pool in the river nearby. Saltwater. My exercise is down and I am suffering the effects of that and I do not recall doing gymnastics for quite some time.

Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water


I rarely suffer from insomnia and sleep well and deeply of a night.

Lately, I have had some disturbed nights and wakefulness. Sometimes, I get up for a while and take a cup of tea at the front window and write a little.

I can try the gentle rocking the next time that the sleeplessness comes and the anguish.

Maybe there will be a river near my next home. I am not sure that running water would bring sleep to me as it once did. Not after the years of flooding and then the tsunamis.

Change surroundings and take long journeys


I have changed surroundings a lot in my life and in recent years have had several homes. Now it would appear that I will be changing Homes once more. I would rather not but that’s the way its heading. 

My journeys – well, as I have said they are mostly up and down the East Coast of NSW in Australia. Not long perhaps in kilometres but long journeys of the heart just as this will be another major change for the surroundings of my soul.

Strictly avoid frightening ideas

This is the one I like most this morning.


I am one who can frighten herself near to death with her own ideas. I shall make this a motto for the day.

Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements


I tend to engage in negative and discouraging conversations and I have had just about enough of doing that.

Today, I go to lunch with two women at the nearby  community of Bundagen where they have Café on Tuesdays.

Many days I play with our baby girl.

BE OF GOOD CHEER can be my next motto.

Listen to music.

When it comes to music, I have lived now with a musician. My family didn’t DO music very much. Hearing a musician singing and playing in the house has been a delight to me.

The other Music I enjoy is CLASSICFM on the ABC radio.

I spend my mornings with Margaret Throsby.