MARCH 12 2011: Day no 71 : I am a child of the Dreamtime People.




I am a child of the Dreamtime People

Part of this Land, like the gnarled gumtree

I am the river, softly singing

Chanting our songs on my way to the sea

Yorta Yorta woman Hyllus Maris (1934-86)

It’s the morning after the Japanese Earthquake. I was going to write about the poem above. But will instead explore my TROVE again and see what I can find about other earthquakes and other tidal waves in past times. I have heard from my y0oung Facebook Friends of the dreamings they have had of tidal waves. At one stage last night the pacific Tsunami warning system warned Australia as well as many other places round the Pacific Rim but the Australian Bureau Of Meteorology assured Australia that the Tsunami was NOT coming here.

The French Show on SBS looks to be the most interesting coverage this morning. I don’t actually know what they are saying but they are better looking and speak more beautifully and the images do not seem to be repeated endlessly.

Before I go treasure hunting in the TROVE, I will say just a little about the poem. I now know my European History. Well, white is a more appropriate word. The last white fell in my family to come here was in the mid 1800s. They were all English, Irish or Scottish. They were convicts and assisted emigrants pretty much. They almost all came to the North Coast of NSW to live. Way back in the 1800s that was. Without consciously knowing about that, I have spent most of my life following the same song lines.

The rest of my family history here on the Northern Rivers is shrouded in the Dreamtime mists. As for me, I have somehow not even managed to leave the East Coast of  Australia – not ever. Part of this Land. The River. yesterday I followed the South Arm of the River up the back way to the Bowraville Road. Dark and green and silent. Once I lived in am A frame along the South Arm and in the mornings, I took a canoe, a big old punt like canoe, out on the river and drifted.

And now, back into the TROVE.

tidal japanThe Mercury (Hobart, Tas. 1860-1954), Friday 24 July 1896

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tidal japan The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. 1860-1954), Wednesday 8 January 1947

The aftermath of the 1947 Earthquake in Japan.