south of wollongong 009

2010. I have rarely been South of Sydney in the last 20 years or more. Last year we took time to do the South Coast. “DO IT”. I was not looking for benches back then. I was just looking. Now I drag the figurative photos  out of the figurative shoebox searching for BENCH pictures to add to my collection.

So here is Minnamurra. I hadn’t been there since the 1960s when we used to go to Minnamurra Falls en famille. I loved the rainforests and the mystery of the walk up to the Falls. This time, we went to the village of Minnamurra. Didn’t see much there but I have nevertheless added the pic and noted the traditional bench. Beside the letterbox. Outside the shop. There is a chance its at a bus stop although I can’t see any real indication of a bus stop. It might just be the ‘sit down and have an ice cream’ type bench. Once again, as I see over and over, there is noone on the Bench. Empty benches.

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