MARCH 19 2011 : Day no 78 of 2011 : Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. Elizabeth Lawrence.


As the sun comes down
From the cloudless sky,
To end this peace-warmed,
Autumn day, a solitary fly:

The Big Lebowski.

Its Autumn on this side of the World. The Bottom of the World. The weekly photo challenge is SPRING but I shall do our inverted  season. Here on the Coast in the north of NSW there is not so much changing of leaves. Its Autumn now and the temperature at 5.15 p.m. is 25 degrees Celsius. We still have rain clouds but no storms this afternoon. I am wearing shorts and sandals and a singlet. That’s Autumn here in March.  Its still Daylight Savings Time.  And there is one solitary fly which seems to have taken a fix on me.

They say its SuperMoon tonight. The river was high when we drove into town this morning.  WILLYWEATHER keeps me informed on the Tides.