MARCH 22 2011 : DAY No 81 of 2011 :THE OPEN GATE.


I was standing next to the open gate. I had only to move forward. It was like stepping out into space.

Robert Adamson.

At one time, way back, I was in a detox unit for drug addicts and the detox unit was in a mental hospital in Sydney. I stood at the open door as if a padlocked gate barred my way to the outside world. I learned a lot in that moment.


039I am sitting at my front windows on a 34 degrees C Autumn day and watching the cows in the front paddock. They are looking at me too. The Farmer has put them in there for a couple of days to eat the grass down. I am rather interested in cows. They are bigger than me. They are stronger than me and yet they stand at the gate and make no attempt to pass through it. Sometimes there is merely a cloth cord hung across an area and they don’t break through that either.

I might do some hunting around in the depths of the Google for wisdom about gates. Seems to me that they keep things in and keep things out. That they keep SOME things in and some things out. It can be short term or long exclusion. They can be closed, locked or open. We have a bull here too and I am glad that there is a fence and a gate between him and me.

Now for the GATE research. Into the Google and lets see what we find. Maybe I shall try the Internet Archive today.

I am as timid about passing through gates as I am at taking photographs. I frequently catch the rearview of people who have passed by because I don’t quite dare to front them lest they challenge me. Like the lady at the Seashell Stall at Coffs Harbourside Markets who informed me that she doesn’t let people take closeups of her product. Well then. Back to rear views of people who have passed by.  I am much the same with gates and with garage sales. I slow down as I approach a garage sale and then my courage fails me and I daren’t enter. I always need an escort who is a little more daring. Once in, I am just fine and its difficult to remove me from the conversations and observations.

I was once a secondhand dealer and the fear of passing through Gates uninvited wasn’t an asset in that trade.

Right then – straight from the GOOGLE. Various aspects of the Gated Life. Including GATE CRASHERS, Gate takings and more.

GATE 2 The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. 1848-1954), Saturday 4 March 1950, no 2

Access Blocked

Where once it was easy and free to explore,
The roads are now blocked by gates galore.
Don’t go here and don’t go there,
No explanation, they don’t care.

© Copyright Peter Mooney 2004-2005.



And the Video CHINA GATE.



FROM LES MURRAY. A poem with an implied gate.

Down a road padlocked now
steel discs and weeds sprawled
in a room whose rusty hair
was iron cornrows, and its brow
a naily timber lintel
under which I’d gaze across
the river at Midge Island
as the tide turned on its pintle ..


The gate that is padlocked to prevent a new idea or a new person from entering and perhaps restoring. life to the unused. Tremors of the locked gates which stop worshippers entering churches and lock the ‘ no good ‘ people outside a gated community. Gates can be very foolish and simply say – its mine and you are not allowed in.




Wrapping it up with some images. 

The first from The Queenslander in 1919.


gate The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld.  1866-1939), Saturday 26 July 1919

CHILDSCGB1867 young_girls_23487_md
gate_19032_md picketfence_20010_sm