MARCH 25 2011 : Day No 84 of 2011 : "The winds of grace are blowing, but it is you that must raise your sails".

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The winds are blowing. I am not sure whether or not they are the Wind of Grace and nor am I a sailor who knows how to catch the winds.  I was going to put the Donovan video up but Joan Baez with her Sister Mimi fits better at this time. Earlier today, a kingfisher hit my window. Thought she was dead and we fetched a net to lift her gently. She sat on the edge a moment or two and then flew away. Fast as. Free.


Might as well go the two versions while I am at it. I am going to need ideas like this, so I am.


Took myself for a swim to North Beach Pool this afternoon with Family. There was very little wind bar the Winds of Grace but along came the Wooden Boats. I think they are staying at BELLINGER RIVER TOURIST PARK along a bit at Repton. Looked like African Queen and other wonderments.

wooden boat2

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Maybe tomorrow, I shall raise the sails

Maybe tomorrow, I shall sense the Winds of Grace.