MARCH 30 2011: Non sum pisces. I am not a fish.


Second last day of March 2011. Here we go. I need a new blogging plan for the month of April.  What better way to finish the month than with a quotation which says ‘ I AM NOT A FISH ! “

I could perhaps stay with the theme of the GEM COLLECTION for one more month despite finding it difficult during March. Originally, I named this site with the concept of sitting down on a Bench and having a Yaan with you. In the Mayhem that has been 2011 so far, that idea has become a little lost. I could, therefore, for the month of April, sit down on my Electronic Bench each day, pick up my Gem Collection Calendar and have the Yaans I had planned to do. Without worrying about statistics or writing styles.


Seems such an ideal month closer. Says it all really. I AM NOT  A FISH. I do have some mermaid pictures which I like and I am going swimming in an hour or so with my Girls. 1amermaidcolor002b

So, I sit down and do some Yaaning. I almost said ‘ thinking’ but the bench is not about thinking so much as about Yaaning without thinking too much. Maybe April will be a freer month.

There’s a Peewee on the front lawn. Its not a Fish either. I have always liked fishing. Its in the Blood. I once hugged a  barracoota way up in North Queensland on the decks of UTIEKAH III. Mostly I fished the estuaries. That’s my preference. I HAVE fished Lake Eucumbene down in the Snoweys. I was wearing knickerbockers in vivid colours at the time.

One of my plans for 2011 is to head down to Nambucca Heads and eat at the YAANING TREE.

Where we are going swimming today, down at NORTH BEACH RIVER POOL, there are plenty of fish. Toe nibbling fish. The pool is netted due to being in the river and therefore a possible shark attack venue. Inside the net, are the fishes and the prawns and other critters.


A good bit of yaaning, yarning, jaaning goes on in Australia.




EYLF Yarning Circle

Yarloop Yarning Journal


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