APRIL1 2011: DAY No 91 of 2011 : So to earth the verse descends.


So to earth the verse descends,
Sinking through fantastic sunsets, drifting under southern stars,
Floating soundless down on mines and woolsheds, beaches, dance halls, bars.

John Manifold.



I am going out this morning. Up along South Arm Road to Brierfield. I am going to take a look at a wee cottage out there in the Bush and I am going to visit with my Girls. When I get home, I shall sit down here on the Bench and have a Yaan with you. I shall think about Verse descending to Earth. About fantastic sunsets and beaches. I know very little about mines and not much more about woolsheds. A little about dance halls and a good deal about bars.


10 p.m. So the verse descends to Earth. It did that today. Out there in the Bush and up alongside the South Arm of the River. Its late now and I won’t yaan for long.  Seems to me like there was a soundless verse floating down all over this day.

Bed for me now. In this small cottage. Its cool weather  and all is quiet out there.

Good Night to you all.




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