APRIL 4 2011 : Day no 94 of 2011 : SUNRISE.


The pearly dew of the dawning

clung to each giant limb,

Till the sun came up from ocean,

red with the cold sea mist.

James Lister Cuthbertson (1851 – 1910, written in 1880)

This is an  “at home, don’t feel so good and not sure the sun actually rose” kind of day.

I am in a shite of a mood. Not the only one either so it seems. The neighbour’s truck is bogged in the bottom paddock. He looks none too happy. The Man looks none too happy. He didn’t even go to Aldi to go shopping and he does like shopping as therapy. I haven’t heard from family members. It’s a ‘think I’ll go and eat worms’ kind of a day.

I DO know that there have been sunrises on other occasions and there well may be one tomorrow – or the next day.

sr11 16805 pauls 60th 009
cooly 012 DSC00087
jarrarumba 081 aaconv 020


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