APRIL 5 2011: Day No 95 of 2011: "Between guessing and knowing is a long, dark tunnel." Kahlis.

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You learn a lot in your teenage years, for instance I learned that if you’re ever being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a little tunnel, then onto a mini seesaw and then jump through a ring of fire, they’ve trained for that y’see. – Danny McCrossan – Northern Irish Comedian.

I am leaving the whole GEM COLLECTION post up today due to the fact that I like it. I am waiting for Kati B and the Baby to come. We are going shopping in Coffs Harbour at ALDI. I don’t actually enjoy either of those experiences very much but I do enjoy Kati B and the Baby. Its cooler weather and clouded and the Kookaburra is still on the front fence. This week I am going house and dog sitting. I don’t specially want to do that either but I will. A beautiful house and a dog as high as an elephant’s thigh. It overlooks the North Coast Railway Line as well and I am a Railway Woman. My Great Grandfather drove steam trams back in the 1800s in Sydney and my  Poppa Bell worked on Sydney Trams one generation on. My husband then went to work as a fettler and thermit welder up here on the North Coast Line. I rather like the haunting whistle of the night trains and the rattle as they cross the bridges over the River.

There’s the background setting. Now – lets settle down on the e-Bench and have a Yaan.

Well. Looks like we postpone that till this afternoon. Kati B is here. See you when we get back.


hear-no-evil_thumb27 p.m. Now I shall sit myself back down here on my e-Bench and wrap this post up for the day. I have been thinking about things I learned as a teenager. Let me think.

I learned how to smoke Alpine cigarettes and look ‘ cool’. Then I learned that smoking Menthol cigarettes NEVER looks cool.

I learned that having my initials in gold on my heavily laden school briefcase labelled me as a nerd.

I learned not to make Hawaiian leis from oleander flowers for a suburban  party due to the poisonous nature of the sticky white goo inside of them. It laid a large number of us flat on our backs in the 1960s. About that time, I also encountered the song MASHED POTATO and the dance called the STOMP.  Tough things to discover, those two things.

I found out about Glory Boxes and makeup parties and realised I was wasn’t going to ‘fit in’. I had NO interest in a Glory Box.

And up near the Methodist Church in Belmore where I went to Sunday School, I caught a glimpse into another world. Irene  Chee’s world. A group of Chinese men sitting around playing a game which I know now was Mahjong. It seemed a most exotic sight to me. A touch of magic.

I met a girl at school who was a White Russian. That puzzled me.

I also found out that the word “Mistress” had more than one meaning. Even more significantly, I learned that some of the other girls already knew that.

And I was told that Gail Carter’s beehive hairdo held for so long and was so sprayed that cockroaches built a nest in it and ate part of her head. I doubt that nowadays but I didn’t then.