APRIL 6 2011 : DAY No 96 of 2011 : CALLINGS


“If you’ve ‘eard the East a-callin’, you won’t never ‘eed naught else.” No! you won’t ‘eed nothin’ else; But them spicy garlic smells, An’ the sunshine an’ the palm-trees an’ the tinkly temple-bells; On the road to Mandalay.

raleigh waterpark 166


I haven’t been to the East. I haven’t heard that calling although I can well imagine that it would seduce me. The Far North of Queensland did but other Sirens were seducing me at the same time.  New Zealand called to my sister and my brother goes to the Blue Mountains and is going to look at Central Europe. I am not called to those places.

Its an art form – to sit still and listen for the Callings.

I was just speaking to a young man who plays guitar and he said its natural to him whereas when he’s playing the Bass he has to think about it. Izzy is the reverse. The Bass is a part of him but he has to think while he plays the Guitar.

Me – I was born typing. Typed my way through life and into this perfect era of internet and blogging. I have journalled the whole way through as well. Piles and boxes of papers of scrawlings. Now they can live happily on an external hard drive smaller than my hand. With all my Jpegs as well.

Years back I went to an Art Class in the Showground at Bellingen and Ted Hillyer, the gentleman teacher and artist was asked what an artist was. He said something to the effect of . “ Do you just have to draw or paint each day ? If the answer is yes then you are an artist. “ Loose recall  that is but it means a lot to me.

I thought to myself, I can paint and I can draw but its not something I simply have to do each day whereas writing and taking photographs – well that’s the calling. Other Callings of mine are: Colonial Australia,  solitude, Findhorn, Birds, estuaries, boats and fish, shells, saltwater and ABCclassicFM as well as rooms with views and sitting at windows over the world. I like to watch the Passing Parade. I also am called to Narcotics Anonymous.

I shall look up some writings on this matter of Callings. The Voice that Whispers.

As I have grown older, I have often tried to ignore the next Calling. I hear the Whisper begin and I know very well that it will disturb my Complacency. So I try to ignore it and I wait till it either drops away or becomes more insistent. It has happened when I have been living in a place which suits me at the time. The Calling  to go elsewhere begins and I KNOW it will disrupt everything. I generally resist, struggle and kick up a fuss and then follow the Calling “wherever it may lead me.”

Now lets take a look in the Google and see what it has on the subject of callings.

How to Find Your Calling in Life 12 Tips.

Five Spiritual Secrets to Inspired and Enhanced Creativity

    Be Authentic
    Break through the boundaries
    Get out of your own way
    Diversify your life
    Creativity with a cause


Every authentic vocation is a calling to live ever more fully. We should be wary of callings that may mask refusal to engage life, fear of love, flight from the body or feelings, or a lack of acceptance of human existence as it is. Accepting one’s calling should mean choosing a more intense, abundant way of life, not fear-driving flight, or a disguised choice of death.

  1. God’s calls are not direct, like a telephone call; they come through meditation
  2. Everything that happens to us is in some way or other is a call from God
  3. Behind the many calls addressed to us in life there is but one call
  4. Openness to the call is openness to the fullness of life.
  5. The Cross will always be a challenge
  6. Responding to God opens new, unpredictable horizons.
  7. Sorrowful events also contain calls, though with a different content.
  8. Beauty calls—it summons. It leaves no person indifferent; it incites a desire.

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