APRIL 19 2011: Day No 110 : One of the lessons that we have learned from this recent era is that cowardice comes in small pieces.


Concessions that might seem insignificant at the time, cumulatively have a devastating consequence. We believe, too, that courage also comes slowly at first, when individuals begin to stand up for what’s right – and that courage, too, can gain a powerful momentumThe Consortium.

Abraham Lincoln.


I have had enough sense this morning to turn off the radio station where the DJ talks a lot and talks about contentious issues. Not something to digest with breakfast. I have ABCCLASSICFM playing. A much wiser idea. The dogs are at the door for a morning treat and the cats and birds are fed. Out front, the wee lass is grooming her new horse, Leo, and a large white egret or heron is down in the watercourse. It takes some courage to step back from the fractious matters of life and wait for the King Parrot to come in for a landing on the tree where the kookaburras sit.

Cowardice comes in small doses.

I shall take a look for some pithy sayings regarding COWARDICE.

Courage comes in small doses.

Some sayings regarding COURAGE.