APRIL 28 2011: DAY No 119 OF 2011: FIRST THINGS FIRST.

A leopard is chasing us, and you are asking me, “Is it a male or a female?” African.

mid april 2006 028

Morning to you all. Just a warning before the day begins that I intend to experiment with themes today. I am not happy with the one I have been using. I also intend to introduce the new Posting Pattern for the coming month of May. I am going to work my way through 30 cliches and see what happens. It will, therefore, be a little busy on the eBENCH this morning. Theme experimentation always ends up taking longer than I expect. Feel free to Yaan as we work on it.


Well, at last. Sitting down on one dark and rainy night. I don’t like the theme all that much. Actually, I like it but it’s a little neutered for my  taste. It is done for the moment and will be staying this way for a bit. Might add a pale background of the beach or one of the many benches I have discovered since I started on this blog.

There, that’s done as well.  Now that FIRST things have been attended to, I can sit down and have a rest. NO Yaaning tonight methinks. A cup of tea and  paste some new pictures into my photo album. That will do me for today. I don’t think there are any leopards chasing me tonight – neither male nor female.

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