APRIL 2 2011 : Day No 92 of 2011 : CROSSROADS.


I’ll take him down to the Crossroads

To see if we can make a deal.


Going for the unillustrated 500 words this time. I give myself permission to add images and vids etc when the 500 words are done. 

Crossroads. I wonder precisely what a crossroads is. Whether it’s the 4 way intersection or any number. Probably any number. It certainly is used often in metaphorical manners. OK then, lets sit down on this e-Bench and have a Yaan. I sneaked a look then and a crossroads is simply an intersection of roads. I came to one this last week with my Travelling Partner. The Travelling Partner was pretty keen on separating roads and I wasn’t sure. I took a little look down several possible roads and so did the T.P. and we have decided to travel on arm in arm a little further.

I think the  fact that my sister has headed off down that final earthly road alone has affected my decision making at this time. I think the voice of Sofia, my Goddess of Wisdom is advising me to stay put in all areas for a time. The Inn at the Crossroads is a fine place to settle for a little.

I once knew an American Woman who lived up in the hills under Mt Warning. When I was in a muddle in my life, she would mentally take me back to the Intersection where I took the wrong turning.  I almost always could find that point where I headed off in the direction which had got me to the place I didn’t want to be at. It works in the material world and it works in the metaphorical world – most of the time.

Sometimes it turns out I have missed the clear warning which said GO BACK – YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY.  Other times, there was no clear indicator or maybe there were subtle clues which I ignored.  There have been occasions where I simply thought I would be OK despite the warnings and experiences of other people.

Nowadays I am not so bad at handling Crossroads. Might take a look and see what is in my CROSSROAD kit.


  • STOP – but don’t stop in the middle of the road. Park properly and use the amenities to hand. Attend to the HALTS.
  • TAKE TIME – Feel for the nudges and listen for the whispers of wisdom. If it feels URGENT of if you really WANT to go one way – don’t do it
  • ASSESS – Check your position. Use Maps, Navmen, ask Locals. Call in all your resources. Check the weather conditions. Use your phone if needs be.
  • MAKE A DECISION – Choose ONE road. DO NOT MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL when choosing.  ! Make your decision . Make sure you have everything you need to set out on that particular road.
  • SECOND CHANCE – If you don’t like the road you go down or if you think it’s a mistake, most likely you can return to the Crossroad and choose again. Bring back everything you have learned on that first sortie. Don’t waste the lessons. Watch the SKY !


1. an area or the point at which two or more roads cross each other

2. the point at which an important choice has to be made

APRIL1 2011: DAY No 91 of 2011 : So to earth the verse descends.


So to earth the verse descends,
Sinking through fantastic sunsets, drifting under southern stars,
Floating soundless down on mines and woolsheds, beaches, dance halls, bars.

John Manifold.



I am going out this morning. Up along South Arm Road to Brierfield. I am going to take a look at a wee cottage out there in the Bush and I am going to visit with my Girls. When I get home, I shall sit down here on the Bench and have a Yaan with you. I shall think about Verse descending to Earth. About fantastic sunsets and beaches. I know very little about mines and not much more about woolsheds. A little about dance halls and a good deal about bars.


10 p.m. So the verse descends to Earth. It did that today. Out there in the Bush and up alongside the South Arm of the River. Its late now and I won’t yaan for long.  Seems to me like there was a soundless verse floating down all over this day.

Bed for me now. In this small cottage. Its cool weather  and all is quiet out there.

Good Night to you all.




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