7 MAY 2011 : DAY NO 127 of 2011: Do the next right thing.



I have usually heard this one as DO THE NEXT INDICATED THING.

It means paying attention to the moment and then the next moment.

It means one step at a time. Feeling for the waist holding nudges in this direction or that. As Ukelele Jim once said, when he was up in Sydney, visiting from Melbourne. “ I don’t always know what He wants me to do, but I generally know what he doesn’t want me to do.”

When I was looking for  a place to rent in Sydney, years back, and I asked Marian’s advice, she didn’t bother with all the logical head reasoning. She told me that she would stand at the front door and ask herself , “ Can I be happy here ?”

That’s not a bad way of choosing the next right thing.