11 MAY 2011 : DAY NO 132 OF 2011: More will be revealed.



The True Heart is the part of ourselves that is in harmony with the universe, so it can only be revealed when we are acting authentically and with good intention. Although I cannot see my True Heart in its entirety, I know that if I continue to cultivate myself and my Tao practice, then as they say in AA, “more will be revealed”.

More Will Be Revealed.

Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous. The title of Chapter 10 is “More Will Be Revealed” and the last paragraph of the book is:
“We have found a way out, and we see it work for others. Each day more will be revealed.”




Chilly again. Suppose that’s to be expected but I spent a good few years up on the Tweed and became accustomed to warmer weather. Mind you its 17 degrees C so that’s not bad and the sky is blue and clear of clouds.

I am going to take a shower and wash this white head of hair and then I will be back to have a Yaan.

12.56 p.m. Hair washed and lunch eaten. I’m home for days without a car. That’s a stretch for me as always. Me and the horse and critters. Once I’ve settled in, I like it but the settling takes a little bit of doing. I might take a look at that MORE WILL BE REVEALED reading and see what its about.

we became increasingly aware of ourselves and the world around us



Our needs and wants, our assets and liabilities, were revealed to us


We came to realize that we had no power to change the outside world; we could only change ourselves

047 - Copy190KATH

More will be revealed. 


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