12 MAY 2011: DAY NO 133 OF 2011 : In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and foolish build dams.

Nigerian Proverb.

In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.


There’s snow down South. That’s early in the Season. Never had snow up here in the North. Not so far as I know. I am throwing in a cliché in a moment but I am looking at the Nigerian Proverb because I like water, bridges, dams and rivers as well as the ocean. I have another day at home with the Starwagon in town being worked on and the Man taking the Charade to his Place of Employment. A full day at home yesterday led to restless sleeping and amassed resentments beginning to appear. Another day in front of me and another step in the grieving. Feels unpleasant but I think its pretty healthy. Until I go stir crazy.

Days like this dig deep into the Psyche.


The water supply is also cut off from 10am to 2.30pm.

Now, lets take a look at bridges and dams and etc. The river is out of sight from my living room. I am facing it however, to the East and its only a kilometre away. Another couple of kilometres and it reaches the sea. The Pacific Ocean at Urunga. It meets up with the Kalang River and they both head out past the breakwall and the North Beach.

Sitting here on the eBENCH with you on a chilly Autumn Day, let’s take a look through the Photo Albums at bridges and dams that I have known. I am linking the Pictures to other sites that might tell you a little more than I can.


Can’t see the bridge from here. The one I have in mind is the one over the Tweed River at Tumbulgum. Its down the bottom of this road. Tumbulgum means ‘meeting place of the waters’ and I loved the bridge. Perfectly angled and framing the village.

The TWEED365GRATEFUL Blog has some nice work on images around the Tweed River.

tanyas november 2006 080

Next valley around from Tumbulgum is Bilambil. It has just a wee creek and the bridge here is one of the little wooden ones which cross Bilambil Creek. I was living nearby when it flooded in 2006 and washed right through the Bilambil Sports Club, trapping the staff and doing such damage that the carpets had to be replaced with 2ndhand ones from one of the big clubs in Tweed Heads. That WAS a disaster.

The dam for the area is the CLARRIE HALL DAM out on the UKI to NIMBIN Road.

new camera 157

Up on the New England Tableland in Armidale, there is no river at all but there do seem to be some creeks. (They flood too, like Toowoomba did in 2011. But not so dramatically as yet.) They have low concrete road bridges over them and a hotpotch of footbridges.

Armidale’s Dam is the DUMARESQ Dam.


I wish I still had the blue jacket. No matter. The point of this footbridge is that it’s a wooden construct over critters rather than water. Handy things, the wooden footways. This one is up on the Gold Coast of Queensland at CURRUMBIN WILDLIFE SANCTUARY.

I just hope that my niggling suspicion that this pic could be DAVID FLEAY’S WILDLIFE PARK isn’t correct. What the hey. They both have crocodiles.

nov06 007

BRIDGE BUILDING.” The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) 19 Dec 1934.

At Tweed Heads, the Boyd’s Bay Bridge crosses the Tweed River.

Back in 1923, they built a drawbridge to cross the Tweed.



The contract price for the new drawbridge to be built over the main Tweed River at Chinderah is £17,874. This includes the bridge and approaches The contract for the supply of steel for the bridge has been secured by another company at £7000 The construction of the road required by the deviation for the new bridge has been undertaken by the Tweed Shire Council for the Department of Main Roads .


Map picture

That’s where I mostly live and travel. From Brisbane in the North to Sydney in the South. There’s a lot of rivers to cross, a lot of bridges and a few ferries and there’s a dam here or there.

In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.

Guess each one serves its purpose.