There were 6 chooks here when I moved in. A fast moving fox took off with 5 of them – one at a time. The one who remained is a truly to0ugh chook. She’s the Rhode Island Red in the picture. She roams free range but I don’t know where she lays eggs. Must ask someone where to look for them.

A couple of weeks back, a little black hen appeared, seemingly from next door. They seem to know one another well and she doesn’t appear to be intimidated by foxes either.  Early this morning, both of them were about the Cottage. Scrabbling at bird seed and eyeing up the potential vegie garden. They are not running alone. A scrub turkey makes up the 3rd figure in an odd menage a trois.  I don’t know where they spend their nights. They do head into the bushes which divide our property from next door.

I found the Black Hen inside today. It used to be the Rhode Island Red who did that. She acted like the cats and perched on the back of lounges and on top of the kitchen bench. That was before I booted the cats AND the chooks outside.

Its far cleaner inside now and doesn’t smell of critters. The cat food is up high . Hopefully out of their reach. Both black cats are wary of the Poultry.

It’s dark now and I am waiting for a moonrise. The young lass on the white horse is riding home. This week is Bellingen Show and the girls will be riding in it.

Perhaps I should take the Little Hens and enter them in some category.  Or another.


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