The High School curriculum of NSW State Schools included, and probably still does, CERAMICS. That meant that most homes had at least one dragon or twisted, turretted castle proudly displayed. Unless of course, the family was unable or unwilling to pay school fees in which case the School retained possession of the Ceramic Masterpiece and humiliated the impoverished creator. Unless, of course, said creator or friends thereof took personal initiative and raided the kiln or storage room and rescued the masterpiece from the Department of Education.

I was picking herbs in my sister’s garden in Port Macquarie this week ( well I wasn’t doing the picking. I was out there while the next generation did the picking ), I was taking the photographs as usual.Tonight when I sat down here on the eBENCH to have a look at them, I came across this one with the blue castle. I think it’s a castle. The plants in the Port Macquarie garden thrive. Mine tend to be as timid as my photographing and blogging. Amongst them are statues and bits and pieces of our lives. Like the blue castle. With what looks like one broken turret.

WE had a dragon but I don’t know where it is now. I can’t remember much about it at all other than its being liberated from the Art storeroom where it was being kept prisoner due to the school fees issue.

One of the young women in the family is now a ceramic artist. I have one container that she made which has a phoenix on the lid. I keep treasured things in it.

Seems not long ago that pottery was a very big thing here on the North Coast. Same as kiwi fruit and alpacas. You don’t see it so much anymore.