Afternoon to you. First chance to take a break on the eBENCH today. Ended up doing the Show 2 days in a row. It took some stretching to get the full value but I did it. $6 entry for pensioners. Today the identification was a wristband. Orange in colour with bats on it. Bellingen is greatly associated with BATS. I lived for a time in the Old Caravan Park under the Bats on the island in the middle of town. Had a baby one in the van for a time.

There wasn’t a bat in sight today other than on the wristband but there were datura trees in Black Street near the main entrance to the SHOWGROUNDS. I have a story for each of those things but don’t feel like yaaning about them just now. I’m taking a look at the photos. There is no alcohol served at the Show anymore. I don’t drink but it still seems odd for the Bar to be the Organic Lunch Stall and have prayer flags flying almost right across the Bar Sign. It was pretty good food. A falafel roll for $10 for me. Truly fresh.

I sat down over near the main arena ( actually there’s only one arena but it IS the main one) to eat the falafel roll and watch the horses with the numbing rapture of a loudspeaker telling me things I know nothing about and my ears acting as if they did know. I ate the token health food and then had a chocolate nut sundae from a Mr. Frosty van and while I was eating that, out came Ducks Dundee and his working dogs and ducks.

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