SHOW The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW 1842-1954), Tuesday 16 June 1931

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Tuesday 16 June 1931.



Not a very fancy photo this one so it will take a closer look before I can think of the story that goes with it. I took it yesterday when I was leaving the Bello Show. It’s the Main Gate. Just about as good as the Main Arena. The rust is running down the fence post and the Main Pavilion looks a bit shabby and it doesn’t matter.

I used to go in through these  gates to Ted Hillyer’s Art Classes.I didn’t go very often. Just long enough for him to take my paints off me and tell me to go back to using one pencil. He was a very clever teacher, was Ted.  Someone asked him what an artist was and he said something to the effect of – “if you simply HAVE to draw or paint every day, then you are an artist.”

I took it to heart and asked myself what it was that I simply HAD to do every day. I like drawing. I like painting. But I don’t HAVE to do either of them every day to feel like myself. What I do have to do is take photos and write. Not by hand either. I used to type and now I start and end the day with my computer. As well as filling up most of the middle with it. I have done those things in various forms since I was a little girl. Taken pictures and journalled. I have pictures of me with a Brownie Box Camera in hand, way back. I am not yet sure what those two things make me but these good days of Bloggers come about as close as to defining me as anything I have so far discovered.

8 BALL AITKEN’s poster was up there yesterday . Right underneath the marble memorial to Mr Reynolds. We won an 8 ball from a $2 machine outside the Flynn’s Beach General Store on Friday and now here’s the 8 Ball Aitken’s Poster. Must be a sign. I am using a fair degree of caution due to hearing him say on the video below that he is ‘ following his dream’ and ‘ has a cause and a purpose.”

The Third sign  on the Main Gate is about the Men’s Shed. We took a look at the men’s Shed stall. I didn’t expect to be impressed but I was. An old friend was there building miniature ships. I didn’t know he could do that.