ebenchLate night and only just coming to sit down with you now.  Tired, I am. I have been at work on a website all day except for a trip to Coffs Harbour shopping with Kati B and the Baby.  They said that wild winds were on their way. Seemed to me at the time to be un likely at this distance from Sydney and so it was.  Give me a moment now and I shall pick a photo at random and see what the story is.



250 words then. After 10 p.m. I lived in the house in this pic way back in 1980. Back then it was in the middle of a potato paddock. There was corn out the back. I don’t know why they don’t grow much corn anymore when it was a major crop here for a hundred years or more. The river is out the back. The Bellinger River. Sometimes the field mice and rats came up and into the house. Once, they almost ate through the Baby’s mattress in her cot and another time, one bred in the washing machine and a true disaster came out of that episode.  Mouse sized disaster.

The house was a little neglected back then but its not now. I try to catch glimpses as we pass. There seems to be a pool. The House has a general air of being cared for and about. The potato paddock seems now to accommodate  horses and the fences are in good nick.

Up the road, my folks bought a piece of land. They were intending to build on it but didn’t do so. To far from town, they said and they were probably right – for them. It was up behind the police station on the hill and beside the cemetery.  Just down from there was the Post Office and Shop. An incomer bought it and turned it into a pipe dream which ran out of smoke and now it is yet another ‘ mere house’.

Map picture