NATURE NOTES. (1930, February 1). The Advertiser.


Lorikeets ‘ The lorikeets are an interesting group of the great Australian parrot ‘ family with their hairy or brush tongue ; for gathering flower honey. Every  evening here, just before dark, I watch  a flock of scaly-breasted lorikeets returning to the same clump of tall gums for the night. There is much screeching and fuss before they settle down, and occasionally an owl disturbs them long after dark. These swift and straight-flying parrots, given to whistling shrilly on the wing, are still rather plentiful. Flocks shower into the trees and climb about, clinging in all sorts of positions with the well-developed feet.Lorikeets belong to Australia only, and in various parts are Known as lowries, keets, lories, green leeks, &c. We have the big rainbow lorikeet, the little. and the musk lorikeet, the last-named being a green bird with a strong smell of musk. To the north alone belong the varied and the red-collared, and to the south alone the beautiful purple-crowned lorikeet. Altogether there are seven species of these parrots.


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