This is my favourite bench to date. It has the elements of benchiness which appeal to me. Chunky.  A little askew. Companionable. It looks to me to be a bench which has loved and lost. A Worn Bench in its own way.

I am here on the eBENCH early today. That’s due to my having a rare commitment in the straight world. i.e. a doctor’s appointment. I am not designed for commitments. I am not designed for doctors’ appointments. I am designed for freelance living. I have pretty much reached a stage of my life where I am able to live like that most of the time. Now and then – something comes along and the straight world and me collide.

First thing I do is sit down here and figure out whether I really want to do any business at all with that world and the answer is that I don’t.

Think I shall go visit the Baby and Her Mother instead. Drive up the South Arm Road along the River and sit in the sun. Sounds a more healing prospect to me.