The Hurrell Girls – a third version, all taken on the same day. Mary and Ellen at the back, Eliza, Lucy and Ann at the front.

Lucy is my Grandma. Well, my father’s Grandma. The end of June is coming up and its time to choose a new topic. one for the month of July. Last night when I sat down wearied to have a yaan with you, the picture of Grandma and the Aunts came up and they simply stared at me and I stared at them and didn’t write a word. This morning I dug up this second shot. Its only recently come into my possession through Cathy Gainge down Eungai way. Grandma looks a lot happier with me this morning than she did last night.

I am thinking that for the Month of July, I shall choose an ancestral pic each day, and they can come sit with us on the eBENCH and join in the Yaan.




Some blog-specific tips:

  • Write often
  • Don’t go on and on, keep it short.
  • Write headlines that grab attention.

Let’s see how we go with this.

Write often: I do write often. Its nearing end of month and I find myself in a slump and not wishing to write or post. No matter. I have been writing since I was a little girl with a typewriter. A big black old fashioned one. Writing when there was absolutely no audience and nothing to write about – so I guess I shall keep writing now.

Don’t go on and on. Keep it short: Well! I am not too sure what to say about that. Conceding that there would be times, I nonetheless find occasions for long windedness. Maybe there is a specific purpose to these Uni Blogs. I am going on and on today. The Ladies are urging me to do so.

Write headlines that grab attention: Yesterday I was sent this message from Vanessa G.  “You do speak very cryptically.” I am fond of a cryptic headline.



  • Identify your audience(s) and write in a style that is suitable for that audience
  • Keep text brief and meaningful, readers tend to scan text
  • Delete unnecessary words, limit your use of adverbs and adjectives
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs
  • Avoid repeating text
  • Ensure consistency in style if you have multiple authors
  • Put the most important message first
  • Use the shorter word where ever possible, e.g. “now” not “currently”
  • Avoid circumlocutions, e.g., “at a later time” for “later”
  • Wherever possible, use the active voice, e.g., “Vet Science had a BBQ” instead of “The BBQ was held by Vet Science”.
  • Check your syntax, punctuation and spelling.

A couple of the concepts seem a bit startling to me for a University article. How about you ? Just checked – yes they are linked to PRO BLOGGER

Hurrell Sisters

AH! The next link is one I prefer. http://www.alistapart.com/articles/writeliving

10 Tips on Writing the Living Web

I shall start the July Theme with the LIVING WEB.


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