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Thirdhandart’s Weblog.


3 thoughts on “Thirdhandart’s Weblog”

  1. Wow! Kansas City Skies has gone walkabout down under. Thank you! I wish I could visit Australia as easily as my blog. Australia looks like a beautiful country. I hope the little one is mending quickly! -Theresa

  2. I also wish I could travel as easily as the Blogs. Its wonderful to see Kansas skies out here. Thank you for your good wishes, Theresa. The little one is in a better way than her other Nana who looks like being in hospital a good while. Its magic getting messages from round the world. Yrs, Lynne.

    1. Thank you for replying! I love your blog. I’m a Nana too. Hope the little one’s other Nana has a speedy recovery and gets out of the hospital sooner than expected!

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