Relax! That was the last of Bernstein’s tips. So, I am relaxing. I don’t feel inclined towards discipline or networking or many other things this year. I spent today with my daughter and her daughter at the Fracture Clinic in Coffs Harbour. We threw coins in the water at the front and made wishes. We ate at the Pink Ladies Café. We bought a pig helium balloon. But none of them made up for the fear and the sobbing of a little one.

Therefore I am relaxing. Obeying noone’s rules but my own. And I am not doing much of that either. Funny how far I have drifted from my original idea for this blog. ON THE BENCH said I. Sitting. Resting. Yaaning with people. Now, I have become all tangled up with the minutiae of life and all bebothered by the magnitude of the BIG issues.

So now. I am a sitting here at the eBENCH. Letting my head settle down. I figure I have a few tears to shed sometime soon. Tears for my family. Tears for powerlessness and a sinking sludge hole within.

Then, a night of sleeping and dreaming and in the morning – in the morning – I will have slept on it.

P.S. The question I was asked today ( just to follow up on the “ Are you an Armenian? one of yesterday?) was asked by a nurse at the Fracture Clinic – “ Are you, by any chance, MOROOCAN ?”   What’s going on here ?

One thought on “11 JULY 2011 : ESTAP: ONE LEG: MAYBE I AM MOROCCAN”

  1. I hope the little one feels better soon. My grandson is going to be two years old on July 17. I agree with you. Time goes by too fast! Sometimes, you’ve just got to relax!

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