13 July 2011 : RELAXING : IN MY OWN WAY.



Evening to you. Its been one cold and gloomy day here. I went out to Brierfield today and stopped in at the North Urunga Servo to get petrol en route.  Just when I was pulling out of there, I heard some noise and spotted one small white car on the median strip and another stopped in the middle of the Southbound lanes. It took me a moment to realise that it was a crash.

I seem to be encountering quite a few things in my 50s and 60s FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was way into my 50s before ever being taken to court, let alone convicted of sinister deeds. I was into my 60s before I was stopped by the Ecilops for traffic offences. That was the infamous FLASHING OF THE HEADLIGHTS TO WARN ONCOMING TRAFFIC OF POLICE PRESENCE. Today was the first time I had been first at scene of crash, so far as I recall. I rang the Triple 0 as well and helped the young woman from the car. She calmly said “ I think I am going to pass out”. I didn’t think that was a good idea on my 60years and 5 feet of height but she did anyways.

Once again, it wasn’t a bench sitting kind of day.  It was, however, a happy day for me. The Baby was more mobile and noone was badly hurt in the car crash. I spoke for a good time with my brother and have been offered the use of his house while he’s away. A good holiday in the City sounds a grand idea to me.

Another grand idea would be that I now experience, in my 60s, some things that I have NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE and that they all be good. Very good, in fact.

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