13 July 2011 : RELAXING : IN MY OWN WAY.



Evening to you. Its been one cold and gloomy day here. I went out to Brierfield today and stopped in at the North Urunga Servo to get petrol en route.  Just when I was pulling out of there, I heard some noise and spotted one small white car on the median strip and another stopped in the middle of the Southbound lanes. It took me a moment to realise that it was a crash.

I seem to be encountering quite a few things in my 50s and 60s FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was way into my 50s before ever being taken to court, let alone convicted of sinister deeds. I was into my 60s before I was stopped by the Ecilops for traffic offences. That was the infamous FLASHING OF THE HEADLIGHTS TO WARN ONCOMING TRAFFIC OF POLICE PRESENCE. Today was the first time I had been first at scene of crash, so far as I recall. I rang the Triple 0 as well and helped the young woman from the car. She calmly said “ I think I am going to pass out”. I didn’t think that was a good idea on my 60years and 5 feet of height but she did anyways.

Once again, it wasn’t a bench sitting kind of day.  It was, however, a happy day for me. The Baby was more mobile and noone was badly hurt in the car crash. I spoke for a good time with my brother and have been offered the use of his house while he’s away. A good holiday in the City sounds a grand idea to me.

Another grand idea would be that I now experience, in my 60s, some things that I have NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE and that they all be good. Very good, in fact.

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One thought on “13 July 2011 : RELAXING : IN MY OWN WAY.”

  1. So glad the little one is more mobile and no one was badly hurt in the car crash! The crash could have been worse as you could have been in it.
    The holiday in the City sounds great!
    Wishing you much relaxation, inspiration and happiness.

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