I was going to include Norway and Cadel Evans and Amy Whitehouse in today’s Yaan due to their appearing all over the Net this morning but I have decided to leave them alone and only add the A.W. video that my niece sent me. I found that I was venturing into the world of Rehabs and Sorrow and I am just going to leave it alone lest I venture into dissertation – a curiously unedifying condition.

That decision brings me back to my eBENCH. Sitting. Looking out the big front windows towards the East. There was a 4WD in the front paddock earlier today. Driven into the watercourse it were. The neighbours hooked a chain onto it and pulled it out. Just past the Paddock is the Valery Road and today its busy. DRIFT RACING is on at the Raceway. That’s another few kilometres along.  I know very little about DRIFT RACING. I am merely interested,as I have been for years, in watching the Passing Parade. Leo and Me. At home watching things. I wonder how different a horse’s eye view is from mine.

The satin bowerbirds are back. Squawking and bullying and brawling. The Drift Cars are heading UP to the Raceway and I have ClassicFM on beside me.

Best I go now and hang out the washing. The afternoon looks a little busy. I am going to Meeting and I can do my bigger thinking out there in the World. Here at the eBENCH is where I practice the Art of the Small Thought.

from Cassandra Pomroy.

One thought on “24 JULY 2011 : RELAXING : DRIFTING BY”

  1. Very colorful garden stakes. I’ve seen a couple of movies about drift racing. Sometimes the cars look like they’re dancing on the screen. Good luck with the bigger thinking. -Theresa

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