Gradualism is the belief in or the policy of advancing toward a goal by gradual, often slow stages.

I am not actually interested in the proper theory of gradualism at the moment. I am simply in a situation where I cannot determine what to do and am deciding to take the Small Way. The Gradual Way. One Small Change each day.

I am paying attention to the Small Thoughts and the Small Details.

coloured cows

I was introduced to the concept of gradualism a long time ago. It stunned me at the time and still surprises me today.  My nature is inclined to the BIG, the DRAMATIC and the NOW. Sometimes that works and a lot of times, it doesn’t work. A lot of times, Gradualism works. 


july06 046

In the natural sciences, gradualism is a theory which holds that profound change is the cumulative product of slow but continuous processes, often contrasted with catastrophism. The theory was proposed in 1795 by James Hutton, a Scottish physician and gentlemen farmer, and was later incorporated into Charles Lyell’s theory of uniformitarianism Tenets from both theories were applied to biology and formed the basis of early evolutionary theory.

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