Okay then. True eBENCH sitting times. I don’t think that resilience is my forte. I seem to be taking body blows this year. Now the MOB from Armidale tell me they are moving way South. 1000kms South. I thought that was going to happen. Bugger it. Back in 2002, when my life was more than a little sordid is when the theme, “ my life is like a country and western song”  came into my awareness. It seems to have come right back in 2011. Just when I think we’re on a  final chorus, Life writes another dud verse for me.

So I am sitting here on the Bench and howling at the invisible moon. I could be persuaded to learn yodelling and clog dancing. They all seem comforting to those who indulge in them. At least they allow an extreme outlet of moon howling.

Its not that others don’t have more appalling things happen to them. Its not that things couldn’t be a lot worse. Its just that I am done in and have had enough.

My platelets are dropping

My sister’s passed on.

Someone broke the kid’s leg

and the Mob’s moving South.

Please God don’t let

one more cuss word

come out of my mouth. 

I simply have to get a grip on something about life. I can make it through today. Friday. Just sit here on the Bench and not move. The kookaburra is on the bottom branch and Leo, the horse, looks in as bad a state as I do. I can have a hot shower and go back to bed. That will get me through most of today. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you hope they will. I don’t think I shall bother about rallying this time. The month has been very long.


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