With the new Church Streetscape on my mind, I wandered down Hyde Street the other day and came upon the bench where the old Library was. This is what I call A BENCH. REST A WHILE – it says clearly. REST A WHILE.

I didn’t sit there this week but I have often done so. I did take a seat outside the Bellingen Museum. Sat there with a couple of Urunga men and talked about Old Times. Then I headed up into Church Street and took a look at the new streetscape. Some of it I like and some of it I don’t like.





a. Incomplete: a broken set of books.

b. Being in a state of disarray; disordered: troops fleeing in broken ranks.

EYES 3 The Australian Women's Weekly (1932 - 1982), Wednesday 22 October 1975,


(1975, October 22). The Australian Women’s Weekly

EYES 2 The Australian Women's Weekly (1932 - 1982), Wednesday 22 October 1975,


in a state of disarray


The yaan is almost always in a state of disarray. Broken lines of thought. Free ranging ideas and lost threads. I came across these illustrations from the AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY this morning and I have used them for two major reasons. One reason is that they evoke the era in which I was growing up and learning to draw. I was in my 20s when this edition came out and the Eyes featured greatly in makeup and allure. The 2nd reason for using them is to do with the state of disarray.  I seem to have eyes all over the place most of the time and a good deal of difficulty in drawing conclusions or correlating data.

Just about the best thing in reaching my 7th decade of earthly life is NOT ANSWERING TO ANYONE ANYMORE. I do not have to correlate . I do not have to draw conclusions. I can sit here on my eBENCH and say or do whatsoever I please, whensoever I please.

And I can Yaan. About this and about that. Or about nothing at all. Broken and incomplete – and not very urgent about it.

My family feels a bit broken at the moment with one MOB moving 1000kms away. Could be that stronger threads hold us together than I can see, just at the moment.

The Red Chook is on my brekkie table. She is as cheeky as. Same as the Black Hen and Scrubby. The three of them being all that is left after the foxes, makes a new and rather odd flock. Guess that’s what breaking does. Terminates one thing and what remains forms into something different.  Disarray into Array. Incomplete into a new Completion.

The http://www.thefreedictionary.com/confused includes the state of disarray and the broken ranks in its definition of confusion.

We had that when the grandmother and the baby collided and in doing so broke bones. As well as the snapped skeleton there was the disarray of the normal ‘troops’.

Who was to take on what role ?

Where was everybody?

What needed to be done?

Who had what abilities for the new situation ?

What new needs had arisen from the Breaking ?

It was a state of disarray.


  • When something breaks – more than that thing is broken.
  • When something is broken – it does not simply disappear – it comes into a new form.
  • Following the Breaking and preceding the new form is confusion in various forms.
  • The thing that forms after a break might be better or worse –whatever – but one thing is for sure – it will be DIFFERENT from what went before.



Why Active Meditation?
– by Maneesha James
We may understand the need to minimize stress and to unwind…But to sit down for twenty minutes, to close our eyes and attempt to still our incessant thoughts…and restless body…

“At times in meditation it seems that something within has snapped, and this experience is frightening.
     It is possible, it is absolutely possible.
     Fear is unnecessary, although it is natural that you feel afraid.
It creates a lot of heat, as well.
     That, too, is possible. It is possible because your whole inner mechanism undergoes a change. All your connections with the body begin to get loose, and new connections begin to form in their places. Old bridges are broken and new ones are formed. Old doors close and new ones open. So the whole house is being altered. That is why you think that many things within you are breaking down, and then you feel scared. It is natural, because the whole system goes through a state of disarray and disorder. It happens in times of transition.
     When a new order arises out of this chaos it will be altogether different from the old; it will be incomparably unique. Then you will forget that some thing like an old order ever existed. And even when you remember it you will wonder how on earth you could put up with it.
     All this is possible.”

Even in footie, the state of disarray and the fractures appear.

With the Tigers in a state of disarray as internal fractures cruel their 2011 campaign, the Cowboys can make it eight straight at home.

And in Death. 


Despite its inevitability, death is part and parcel of life. It makes us fearful and uncomfortable about the unknown. Through the fear of our own death, we do not wish to confront it in others. The loss of one of our closest loved ones can be very real and very immediate and can often leave us in a state of disbelief and disarray.
Consequently when death occurs many people are unprepared for the decisions and arrangements that must be made.