We have just had a storm here and Leo, the horse, is still a little flighty from the after effects. I am hoping it has washed away the urge to weep which has been on me for 3-4 days.

I was having quiet an enjoyable day. I went to meetings last night and this morning. Got a cake last night and sat quietly and had a soothing couple of hours this morning. I went into Urunga and checked the Post Office Box. I don’t often check it. I don’t get much mail in hardcopy. Today I got my membership card for the NORTH BEACH BOWLING CLUB.  It’s a good looking card at that. I get my pizza from there. Surfside Pizzas. Gourmet.

Now, on the way home we headed to the RALEIGH TIP. Its not called that anymore. Its called a RECYCLING CENTRE. Maybe its not even called that anymore. Anyways, w3e were taking a VERY old mattress there. Down we went past the Eco Shop with the intention of throwing it into the large skip. I caught a glimpse of the suspicious looks in the eyes of the Guardians of the Tip and with memories of Arlo Guthrie’s ALICE’S RESTAURANT in mind, we decided to stop and ask permission.  That’s when I found out that I wouldn’t be dumping the antique mattress at the Raleigh Tip after all.  It would cost $16 to put it there and then they would send it on a truck to Sydney ( that’s 600kms ) where it would be disposed of. Humanely, I hope.  Lets throw in the fuel, the truck, the dangerous road, the city pollution and it seems a long way round to a nearby end to me.

HANDYBIN:  These are our particular fiends. Doesn’t anyone ask WHERE the recycling is being done? How the waste gets to that place? Who is profiting by it?

It would take a lot of mattresses being destroyed at our little local tip before we equalled the damage of a large truck travelling our lethal Pacific Highway to a LARGE waste disposal place to be burned or cut up. Not so long ago, it was done local, stayed local and where there was profit and employment, that was local as well.


Everything falls apart, even mattresses. Springs will lose their springiness. Stuffing will get knocked out. Grape juice stains might come into play. Adjustable beds will become less so. This is old-fashioned mattress-style entropy.

According to a chiropractic website, a mattress should last about ten years. That’s the same lifespan as a pet rabbit. You can buy a rabbit and a mattress at the same time and when the rabbit dies, you’ll know that it is time for a new mattress



The world gone mad. http://www.emrc.org.au/mattress-recycling.html



And at the end of Mattress Sunday, I am home and the Mattress is home too. One of the other Odd things was – It was going to cost us $16 to leave it at the tip because we brought it in our Starwagon. If we had brought it on a trailer – it would only cost $13.  And I thought Monty Python was make-believe. 

Take it home, said the Tip Guardians. Burn it at home. Or Cut it up. They said they will take the steel for free. Wow!

I have heard some interesting things on Facebook since then :

Izzy Foreal

So: I can’t dump an old mattress at Raleigh tip any more, unless I pay about $16, because it has to be put on a truck and taken to Sydney to be recycled (the cost would be $13 if I didn’t bring it in the back of my van, for some strange reason …). Someone help me justify the carbon price of that little truck trip; my logic circuits are about to reach meltdown.

  • Keltic Ken Governmental bureaucracy has no logic…..

  • Michael W: O_o
    Logic has nothing to do with, it’s a symptom of our three year political cycles…all we get is bandaid “fixes” because no-one wants to bring in policies that will be unpopular in the short term that will bring a positive outcome that some-one else may claim credit for… Then we get Comrade Gillard who is going to push Comrade Bob’s carbon tax which is unpopular in the short term and not create a positive long term outcome either!

  • Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite That’s a 553 kilometre trip. 7 hours. To take a mattress from a country tip where it ain’t causing much harm to a city. Duh.

  • Garry L: When we were kids our parents always said if we were really dumb, stupid and completely useless, we could always get a job as a clerk in the public service. Bureaucrats are just clerks with delusions of grandeur….there’s your answer…

  • Robert D:  tip for ya Izzy , i worked in the tip for 2 years and we used to strip the mattresses , just run a stanley knife around the middle , take the outer cover off , underneath you’ll find a layer of coconut fibre , which makes fantastic weed mat . and the tip will take the spring base for free as it goes in the steel pile for recycling !!!! the outer cover should easily fit in your otto bin , there ya go , saved ya $16 !!!!

  • Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite Cheque is on its way TO YOU, Robert D ! Good Man.

  • Izzy Foreal Thanks Robert – the people at the tip said I should go home and burn it, then bring the steel back, but I like what you have to say.

  • Robert D. wow , good advise from the people who are supposed to be looking after the environment managing waste , i bet it is run by council , sheltered workshop rejects . burning the cover will to wonders for the ozone layer , not to mention giving the neighbor’s washing a lovely toxic scent ……..lol

  • Michael W. Another example of: Care factor = accountability….

  • A.W.  it cost me $45 to have a double mattress and base picked up and disposed of by my ‘street-sweepin’ council…. they were crushed in the compactor!

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