ENTRANCE: Definition No 1: The act or an instance of entering.


The WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE for this week is ENTRANCE.  I have my definitions from the free dictionary. ENTRANCE becomes my theme for the week’s posts. Today is the day I take a look around at other people’s images of ENTRANCE and I enjoy doing that. I have posted a picture of our Cheery Redhead, just out of her plaster and making an entrance into the BELLINGEN POULTRY CLUB shed to show the chooks and roosters that she can walk again.  It took a while to find some birds in the cages. This entrance by the wee lass with leg outstretched brings tears to my eyes.

Now let’s take a look around the net for images of ENTRANCE.




ENTRANCE: Definition No 1: The act or an instance of entering.

Late night and I am finding some mental peace at last. I have been looking through the poems of LES MURRAY. I feel as though I should apologise when I read LES MURRAY. It seems that there is some sinister secret about him which I do not know. It seems very unfashionable to like his work – but I do. I like the generosity of spirit that provides his verse online on his site without restrictions or threats or cost. Most of all, I like the things he says and the way in which he says them. it could be because he comes from Nabiac and from the country that my great grandmother Granny Bell came from – the McNeils, they were and the McLeans amongst others. Tonight, I was looking amongst his work for ENTRANCES. Acts and Instances of entering. I found quite a few although the word wasn’t used. The one I have chosen – well THE BARRANONG ANGEL CASE – It talks of the Angel entering the town in several ways and how each entrance affects the townspeople. I recommend reading this wee bit and then the rest of it at The Barranong Angel Case .



The Barranong Angel Case

You see that bench in front of Meagher’s stare?
That’s where the angel landed.
What? An angel?
Yes. It was just near smoko time on a sale day.
Town was quite full. He called us all together.
And was he obeyed?
Oh yes. He got a hearing.
Made his announcement, blessed us and took off
Again, straight up.
He had most glorious wings . . . .
What happened then?
There were some tasks he’d set us
Or rather that sort of followed from his message.
And were they carried out?  
At first we meant to,
But after a while, when there had been some talk
Most came to think he’d been a bit, well, haughty,
A bit overdone, with those flourishes of wings
And that plummy accent.
Lot of the women liked that.
But the men who’d knelt, off their own bat, mind you,
They were specially crook on him, as I remember.


The ENTRANCE one makes has an effect. The ANGEL tries a few and each one impacts differently on the town. Good Stuff is LES MURRAY.



en·trance 1 (ntrns)


1. The act or an instance of entering.

2. A means or point by which to enter.

3. Permission or power to enter; admission: gained entrance to medical school.

4. The point, as in a musical score, at which a performer begins.

5. The first entry of an actor into a scene.

6. Nautical The immersed part of a ship’s hull forward of the middle body.




  1. Great post. Love your cherry redhead, such anticipation and excitement portrayed in the photo. Enjoyed the post as well, being a dictionary addict and poetry lover!
    And thanks for the ping back!

  2. What a great photo entry for this weekly post – to portray your little one’s entrance into walking again. Many happy steps, little one.
    Thanks so much for the pingback, nellibell.

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