15 AUGUST 2011 : ESTAP: ENTRANCE No 2. A means or point by which to enter.

ENTRANCE No 2. A means or point by which to enter.

Pooh_Shepard_1926Good Morning, All. I am going up the South Arm Road this morning. Will keep my eyes open for means and points by which to enter and see what images I can find. In the meantime I shall leave you with this pic which I nicked from a young doctor on Facebook. Its his new flat in Newcastle ( Australia).  It had me full puzzled and I remain a little confused like I used to do with Wonderboy on the Sega Mastersytem II.

74602_10150104393286335_585326334_7835697_1708388_n (3)


Back from the Drive and I have brought with a few realisations which came as I was driving along South Arm Road. I realised that I don’t have much confidence when it comes to ENTERING. I am a very timid photographer and generally have the back view of people who have passed by. I don’t recall ever being confident about making an entrance. Lets go a step further. I don’t have the confidence to enter most places at all. I am not one of those people who stand at someone’s door or gate and yell “YOO HOO! ARE YOU THERE ? “ I am of a nature that requires an entrance sign saying clearly “ YOU ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER HERE ! THIS IS YOUR PLACE OF ENTRANCE !”

Once, when I was in a supermarket in Armidale, I saw a man called Barry do a leap across the barrier, put down his money and exit confidently. I don’t seem to have that in me. I am sure he could enter just as dashingly as he exited.

If a shop looks like its shut, there is just about no chance that I will be investigating further. If I am looking for a meeting, it had best have lights on and a sign out the front as well as some visibility from outside so that I know what’s going on inside before I enter.

Sometimes I watch people approach an entrance, heels a clacking on hard floors. They move people aside to find their place. They greet and smile. But not me.  I seem to be lacking some sense of entitlement.

What I am good at, is the Entrance where no people are involved. The hidden and the obscure. I am good at that. Quite good at the entrance to the Unknown and the Unseen – so long as its not to do with people.

I realised that as I was driving the South Arm Road. I drive rather well on narrow country lanes. I am not much intimidated by the twists and turns and seeming hazards. And I am not much intimidated by Entrances to strange and narrow places.

Out at the Cheery Redhead’s , I have been shown the Entrance to the Fairy Garden. Its way down past the pine tree and someplace close to the Bower Bird’s nest. Not everyone can see that entrance. Small children can – and some adults.

I shall go looking now for some pics of Entrances. Definition No 2. I put the one of Winnie the Pooh up because my name is Sanders and that’s the name under which Winnie the Pooh lives.


ENTRANCE No 2. A means or point by which to enter.

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