16 AUGUST 2011 : ENTRANCE No. 3. Permission or power to enter; admission.

ENTRANCE No. 3. Permission or power to enter; admission: e.g.  gained entrance to university.



Strange thing, blogging. Yaaning is a strange thing too.  Rambling around mentally. Rambling around verbally. I was going to go looking for deeper meanings to the definition of ENTRANCE but I am a Libra. I have 2 favourite lines for Libra. I found one in a comic and one in an online T-shirt ad.



They nicely cover the negativity and the lack of depth. I bring this up because today’s meaning seems to be mainly directed at qualifying to enter such places as universities, societies, study courses etc but when I began looking for images, the first one I came to was the sign from North Beach ( otherwise known as Mylestom). I am, therefore widening the scope of my thinking but not digging deeper into my obscure hard copy dictionaries.

I met a friend of mine the other day in an old hall just across the river. He has started his PhD and his topic is BELONGING.  That reminded me of a radio show I once listened to while driving along. The interviewee said that “ THE MOMENT A COMMUNITY HAS TO CALL ITSELF A COMMUNITY, ITS PROBABLY NOT A COMMUNITY.”

Guess that’s why many of my entrances are timid as I described yesterday. I don’t enter easily into places where I do not belong or am not sure whether I belong or not. Its easy to think that a behaviour comes from a flaw when it may well come from something fine and decent. Some place within that is respectful. Here I am in my own house and I don’t like people suddenly arriving unannounced. I like them to make a call and be granted permission to enter. Some people have open permission. There people who know that my home is their home. Not many, Just some. Guess that’s why I don’t like to arrive unexpectedly and do the “YooHoo!”.

The MYLESTOM Beach sign makes it clear that I do not have permission to enter if I bring a dog, ride a skateboard or carry out miscellaneous other forbidden acts. I was able to  walk jauntily onto the sand, knowing that, with grandchild in hand, I was meeting all the requirements for entrance and had not one red circle with slash against me.

I spent a lot of my life indulging in tabu activities – its made me rather nervous. Before I took to those activities, as a young woman I gained entrance into Teachers’ College. It is for some reason one of the really shadowy memories of my life. I do know I was tickled to be given permission to enter the old sandstone building in Balmain and although College days aren’t clear to me they led me into being allowed to TEACH. To enter staff rooms and to do as I wished with a classroom. Right up to the end, I felt a little thrill when I sat behind a teacher’s desk. MY desk.

I am enjoying using the Photo Challenge of the Week as my theme. Round about day 3 it starts to come together. Sitting here today, the ENTRANCE idea is meaning something special to me. At different times in my life, I belong in different places and with different people. Some last a short time, some a long time and as Guy once said to me – “ If you’re lucky, the sharp points will rub off against one another and it will last forever”.  At times then, I have gained ENTRANCE to certain places but its not always granted forever. Sometimes, the actual Entrance takes some locating and then it may well not open easily to me. There are places which I do not want to enter. They are not mine to go in to. Some have warning signs as clear as the ones on Freeways which say GO BACK YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY.

Coming to Bellingen from the East is Trunk Road 78, now called Waterfall Way. Years after my divorce I was driving up it with my ex husband and the children on a one off experience. It’s the Entrance to OUR TOWN. Paddocks and mountains and the lush greenery of the Bellinger. ON that drive of 10-12 kms, James Taylor came on with USED TO BE HER TOWN TOO.  It was a pretty sad moment. All the permissions to enter had been altered. All the overlapped living had been done. Everything involved in that marriage now had CLOSED signs on.

Best  see what entrances are now closed to me and what new places are saying COME RIGHT IN.

Just a year or so back, I contacted an elderly and distant cousin who had put together our READY OR NOT family history way before the internet. I asked him whether I could post his research online and he sent back an email which said simply PERMISSION GRANTED.